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NewBee HTML to php/mysql help

Sign up pahe to populate MYsql data base?

8:35 am on Mar 27, 2011 (gmt 0)

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I have a database created in MYsql on my Ubuntu 10.10 box. I have Php5. My biggest problem is trying to create the index.html code to create/enter and validate data in the data base.

In my database I have 8 fields. id, username, ,password, sign_u_date, email, bio, account permissions"0","1" and email acctivation "0","1".

Now obviously some of these fields the form/database should populate its self, like ID, SignUpDate and account permissions.

If I create a page for a user to enter info for the rest of the fields like so:

Desired UserName: _____________ <This field would need to confirm is if it is available, That no one else already has the same name.

Password: ________________
Password:____________________ < The second password field I would like it to confirm that the txt is the same on both password fields.

Email: _______________________ <Will need to confirm no one has already signed up with the entered address. will also need to send an email where a user will confirm the address changing the account permissions from a "0" to a "1" which I have set up in the database side.

and a Bio Section which could be blank.

If someone could explain or give me an example of how the index, php, mysql files should be set up to perform all these tasks, and what the code should look like would be a HUGE help... I would appreciate any help... I have many years in the data field but web creating is very new to me....

Thanks in advance....

Please help.
1:35 pm on Mar 28, 2011 (gmt 0)

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You are probably going to want to invest some time learning the basics of both PHP and MySQL..do a web search for "PHP Forms" and that will definitely head you in the right direction.
11:30 pm on Mar 28, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Somebody has done this for you already! Just google "php/mysql tutorial"

Once you find the tutorial you like, then walk through setting everything up exactly the way the tutorial author explains. Then after that you will have enough info to start doing your own thing and WebmasterWorld can help you with specific questions.
9:15 am on Mar 29, 2011 (gmt 0)

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Hi there JoeBeansMYsqlHelp,

Firstly welcome to WebmasterWorld!

Unfortunately, when asking for a "write this for me", tends to evoke responses like these.

Follow the suggested routes/links, then when you have something that you consider ok, we can then check through that to suggest improvements and/or changes.

But if you read the TOC's it does tell you about "homework" type requests.

Good luck, and have fun learning.