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loop if statement

4:57 am on May 14, 2010 (gmt 0)

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i would like to ask if what is the shortcut code if something like;


function getFileExtension()

$filex = getFileExtension($_POST['file']);

$img = array('jpg','bmp','gif','png');

if ($filex = unknown_function($img))


the unknown_function() is responsible to auto-validate the values in an array...

i encounter this in PHP website.. but can't find it now... i forgot the function name...

7:46 am on May 14, 2010 (gmt 0)

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Hi there camilord,

Are you just trying to get the file extension, so that you can decide if it's 'allowed' or 'not allowed'?

Also is the function getfileextension() your own, I presume so as it's not a predefined function, the nearest is: [uk.php.net ]

The easiest way to get the filetype is this:-

//imagine as the string is filename.jpg
$fileExt = strip_tags(strtolower($_POST['your_file']));//clean and convert to lower case

//get filetype
$ext = strstr($fileExt, ".");
echo $ext;

This will echo .jpg - note: it includes the . Ok!

Could shove this into a function:-

Note that if its always from a $_POST or a $_GET you don't need to pass it into a function as it is a superglobal, so by definition the array (if set) is available throughout the scope of your project, ie: accesible anywhere ;)

//for a var
function FileExt($input){

$ext = strstr(strtolower(strip_tags($input)), ".");
return $ext;

//for a $_POST
function FileExt(){

$ext = strstr(strtolower(strip_tags($_POST['your_file'])), ".");
return $ext;

One last thing, I think that $_POST['file'] may be reserved for doing file uploads($_FILES[][]), but I could be wrong there.