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Anyone tested online auction scripts

auctions auction scripts ajsquare

9:47 am on Feb 6, 2009 (gmt 0)

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I am planning a website that will do a similar job to eBay but for a very specific sector. I have looked at various auction scripts that are available such as Rainworx, AJ Auction, PhpProbids and thought AJ Square looked good.

I wonder if anyone else has had good / bad experiences with AJ Square as I have read some worrying reviews about buggy code (which is encrypted so can't be fixed outside the writers). Here is one link that contains a few alarm bells for me: [hotscripts.com...]

The web is bristling with a lot of rave reviews, however I strongly suspect that the authors put those there themselves as they are in the same broken english and are clearly marketing.

If anyone can help me choose a package that is reliable, I'd be very grateful.

Kind regards


2:44 pm on Feb 11, 2009 (gmt 0)


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You're likely going to have to analyze and determine best fit for your situation, Nick. Yes, it can be time-consuming but is often necessary as each situation calls for different application.

If you fear the package you are reviewing is not open source code and you feel that is an essential, move past the roadblock you have encountered and try some others.

8:13 pm on Feb 11, 2009 (gmt 0)

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I've used phpAuction - that's the only one I've done. It's been a while though -but it was pretty easy to use and worked very nicely. I can't remember if it's open source, or if you have to pay for it though. I *think* it may have been open source, because I remember the reason I used it was for a small online auction for an event that a local non-profit group was holding - and they were looking for free. (Or it could be that I just donated the cost - it's really been a while.)

Anyway, I do recall it wasn't too bad to work with and customize how everything was laid out. You had to get used to it, but once you did, the template system wasn't that difficult to manage.

9:52 pm on Feb 11, 2009 (gmt 0)

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The "original" PHPAuction was free. It was also poorly written, buggy and quite likely very insecure.

Later various commercial packages were released. Not sure if the core code was improved however. I don't believe there is a free version anymore, although you might be able to find an old copy somewhere out there. Be prepared to rework the code if you go that route.

The commercial versions come in both encrypted and non-encrypted versions. I can not attest to how they might perform.

Back in the day, I ran a site using EveryAuction (written in PERL). It was adequate for the very specific task I used it for. The software is no longer developed or supported, although you can download it still.

I have from time to time gone looking for auction software. Have yet to find anything that combines cost, functionality and security. Auction scripts are one of those things you can spend thousands of dollars on and still not know what you are getting until the shrinkwrap is peeled off the box IYKWIM.

If I were to go in this direction again I would strongly consider starting from scratch, and rolling my own package. Much of the structure of an auction package is already out there in open source land, and the specifics of accepting and tracking bidding would not be a huge task to accomplish.

(BTW - this is my 1500th post :))

1:40 pm on Feb 12, 2009 (gmt 0)

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Congrats Willy :)

Yeah, it was a long time ago that i used it. However it's funny - I *still* get frequent notifications of where to go to download security upgrades. So if they charge for it now (or if they did then and I just can't remember) at least they're still working to improve it.

But I only needed it for a small one-time project that had to be up and running for about 2 weeks, then it was done. So it could just be that my experience was small compared to what the OP needs it for. It may not be what he needs - I was just saying that it was one I used and it worked well for what I needed at the time :)