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Classified System

Where do I start? willing to work hard....lol



9:07 pm on Nov 29, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member


I would like to re-visit my classified system questions, and get this classified system working.

Here are my thoughts and my goals:

1. I would like to have a classified system. There would be a wanted section, and a for sale section. In each of those sections are categories like Equipment, Dogs, etc...that is the basic layout of the system.

2. On the main "hub" of the classified system all of the sections and categories will be listed with a NUMBER next to each one showing how many ads are in each category.

3. How I would like to implement this system is through MySQL, not a flat file. When someone would like to add a classified, they just use a simple form, and submit it. THEN, I would have an Admin page where I can activate or delete each classified. But I would like to be able to activate each classified before it is listed. Does this seem too complicated of a system? How could I make it easier? Maybe they could just send the classified to me through email, and then I add it to the classified?

So as you can see I don't want anything too complicated, I don't want the users to have to make an account, etc...What my question is now is what I should start working on first. I am willing to research each PHP method as long as maybe some of you can give me the names of what I should use to accomplish these ideas, and then I can go from there.

So maybe we should start with the database input page? And then maybe work with the actual output pages? And getting the information from the database?

The only other hard part will be having the "listing count" on the hub page. What code will I need to implement to have the system count how many ads are in each category and display that information?

Thank you very much for everyone's help; I really appreciate all of the help I have gained and received here thus far.

Have a wonderful day,



4:47 am on Dec 2, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Perhaps you should hire a freelancer:D

A lot of info you are asking for.


4:58 am on Dec 2, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

You can look for an open source classifieds script and modify it to include the extra requirements you have.

Hotscripts [hotscripts.com] has got a few of classifieds open source scripts.


12:07 pm on Dec 6, 2007 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Off the top of my head I would do something like this for a BASIC setup:


Create 2 tables – categories and listings

Categories table

Categoryid - autoincrementing field
Categoryname – name of category

Listings table

Listingid - autoincrementing field
Listingtitle – title of listing
Listingtext – description of listing
Listingemail – email address used to contact owner of listing
Categoryid – category the listing should appear in
Listingstatus (default to 0)

page setup

Homepage just lists all categories from the categories table with link to catlistings page e.g catlistings.php?id=2
The catlistings page shows all listings where the categoryid is the same as the query string e.g 2 and listingstatus is set to 1

Clicking on a listing title shows the full category text and an email form to contact the owner of the listing
also on category listing page is a link to add a new listing. As the form is called from the catlisting page you’ll know which category to add the listing into. when the listing is added in to the database by the user the default listing status is 0 meaning it wont be displayed.

Get the script to email you when a listing is sent. In the email have a link to update the listingstatus for that particular to 1 so that it appears on the site.

Set up a final script to remove/mark status as 0 any listings 6 months old by querying the listingdate field and run this daily via a cron job.


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