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Quote Requests?

How to request an initial quote from WW board members?

6:13 pm on Feb 8, 2018 (gmt 0)

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Hi All,

I can see that there is a place on the forum here where you can hire a Webmaster World member - but I'm at a point quite some ways before that in the process.

Y'all may be aware that I am not the font of all knowledge on webmastering myself (My husband is the technical genius...) even though we've been publishers for years. Yet I have worked in media/advertising back in the day and planned/sold websites to & for other people. So I have an idea of how over-simplistic my next sentence is about to be.

Is it appropriate for me to just post in the "hire a member" board a request for a very very broad, ballpark quote at what I might be looking at to do x for x number of pages? (e.g. converting a site to wordpress while keeping SERPS from wobbling too much?) ...I just need to know if (once I get it straight enough in my head to be able explain the gist of what I'm looking for...) .... it would be in the neighborhood of $1000, or $3000 or $1 million.... if you see what I mean.

I realize prices/fees vary, etc. I'm just asking is there a place where I could put out a more coherent request for a ballpark quote for some possible assistance? I don't want to tie someone up for a formal quote yet as it may never happen. I just want something very, very rough, like "You want a static html page turned into a responsive Wordpress page? You have more than 50? you can expect to pay $10/each."

...anyway, just a thought. Thanks for all you do here folks. It has already been tremendously helpful to me.
6:55 pm on Feb 8, 2018 (gmt 0)

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If I am not mistaken:
Here is the forum for that:

Just post a new thread in that forum, but you need to be a full member to post. In your case I would try contacting the mod directly by DM.
7:21 pm on Feb 8, 2018 (gmt 0)

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The forum NickMS linked to is the Commercial Exchange Forum which is an option for full members. For those who might need help and wish to discuss terms the "Hire a Member" [webmasterworld.com] list is not a forum or board but a listing sorted into categories for various types of work that webmasters might require. There is a listing of members willing to accept work and you contact the member via the internal "Sticky Mail" system with the envelope icon in the list. They will reply and any arrangements are private between the parties.

It is better than blindly hiring because you can research the member's participation here before you make a request. That should help you to know if they might have the skills for the work you need done.

If you can form a wish list for what you need/want and organize that into categories that fit the available people so you're not contacting the wrong people or sending out a blanket request to everyone on a list, your success is likely to be better. Don't be afraid to ask, they submitted their names to be contacted. Also don't be surprised if folks are busy or ask more than you're prepared to pay. Just try again.
10:51 pm on Feb 8, 2018 (gmt 0)

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@Nick and @not2 ...thanks very much...Will do.