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Learning HTML5 and CSS3?

7:35 pm on Aug 5, 2012 (gmt 0)

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I want to learn to create websites (hand coding).

I took a few introductory courses but my knowledge is rather limited. A friend who claims to know much about these questions suggested to start immediately with HTML5 and CSS3 while I do not even know much about HTML and CSS. He says the old languages are outdated and that I need to start right away with HTML5 and CSS3. I am skeptical ...

You think it's a good suggestion?

Thank you very much in advance.
7:52 am on Aug 6, 2012 (gmt 0)

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You think it's a good suggestion?
Not really. you would still need to know HTML and CSS2.

You cannot design websites exclusively for HTML5 and CSS3 just yet as there is no universal browser support for the features that have become available. You would need to check all of the main browsers for web and mobile computing for compatibility.
1:49 pm on Aug 6, 2012 (gmt 0)

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Thank you very much BeeDeeDubleU!
9:59 am on Sept 24, 2012 (gmt 0)

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Ignore that - its a joke - my sense of humor sucks!
The very first thing you have to understand is that "web development" involves many different skills.
The "job" is to produce a web page - how to do it is unique to each one of us.
So, starting at the top, the first thing you need to learn is HTML. I personally suggest w3schools.com who have a number of "Learn whatever" sections
I have been developing websites since 1995 and I use that site EVERY DAY to check up on something or other.
Remember that EVERY web page IS HTML.
The server can be Windows, Unix, Linux or anything else - it can be using ASP, PHP, JAVA or anything else, what hits the browser is HTML so it is vital that you have a good understanding of how HTML works, what the rules are and what is good development practice.
HTML puts stuff (text, images etc) on the screen - now you need to make it look good.
CSS is the next thing you will need to learn. Once again may I recommend w3schools.com (no I am not plugging them, I just think that they are tops)
CSS allows you to change the fonts, font sizes, placement and a whole bunch of other stuff.
The last skill you will need is Javascript. I'm not going to even try to list what can be done with Javascript.

At this point you will be able to produce a "helloword.html" page with your photo and some text that is formatted and colored any way you want.
You do NOT need a server or a domain, this can all be done on your pc - all you need is a text editor (some use notepad, DO NOT use Word !)
Next, make a "myhobby.html" page with a bunch of stuff in it. Then figure out how to put a link in "helloword.html" that will make the browser show "myhobby.html"
Once you have done that, you have effectively produced your first website - congratulations.

Please do not even try to get into ASP or PHP until you have a fairly good understanding of HTML, CSS - the Javascript comes later and no-one "knows" Javascript - its just too complex - EVERYONE searches for the how to of some or other javascript functionality almost all the time - especially if it is something you do not use an a daily basis.

It is important to understand (repeating I know - but it is important) that PHP or whatever (ASP, JAVA, ASP.NET etc) is running on the server and is simply PRODUCING HTML to send to the browser.

What you need is a good grounding in HTML, CSS and Javascript - And all 3 are versioned (started at version 1 and have incremented as time goes by)
This is not really a problem with Javascript but HTML and CSS do give issues.

For example, most modern browsers can handle HTML3 and HTML4 but HTML5 is an issue - Some browsers can do this, some that, some the other - there are very few HTML5 commands that can be handled by them all but the situation is improving.

CSS is unfortunately the source of a lot of headaches in that one of the most common browsers (Internet Explorer) is STILL not CSS2 compliant - (The CSS2 specification came out in 2002 and in ten years the bunch at Microsoft still are not able to draw a rounded corner - PATHETIC !)

So, learn the basics - learn them well and always be prepared to experiment - always try out new stuff - if you see something on a site that impresses you, have a look at the source code and try to figure out how they are doing it - everyone in the development field has done it - most have done it in the last 48 hours - its nothing to be ashamed of, its just the human desire for answers being catered for.

And most importantly, HAVE FUN !
2:37 pm on Nov 30, 2012 (gmt 0)

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ques to rasputinsghost

I am just starting as well and am confused on the order of study:
1. Java script basics > HTML > CSS or as u suggest
2. HTML > CSS > Java script basics

The reason being I came across this site (will mail the url since I cannot post it here) which offers free courses similar to w3 schools. The 52 week course covers in the following order :
Java script
J Querry
Python etc

Now since my aim is to learn to build website and eventually understand coding sufficient enough to run affiliate, content, directory/listing sites I am wondering which one of these would be the best approach.

I am inclined more towards your order of learning as HTML gets me addressing my problem straightaway where as starting with Java I do not know when I would even use it.

Though the people who manage this site have a good team and if they think the order should be as they suggest I do not want to rule out the argument without understanding the reasoning.

Any advise would be helpful
3:38 pm on Jan 15, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Hi Nik 99
No-one responded to you so hopefully you are still around.

Check the course you are doing is not starting with Java which is on a different level, imho, to javascript, PHP and MySQL. If you do that then that will be all you are doing for some time! :-)

If you are going for developing web sites then start with HTML and add in CSS as you get comfortable. I would then look at learning a content management system. I use Joomla but there are lots around.
If you fancy it then do Javascript. PHP and MySQL if you wish - by then you will have a better idea anyway of what suits you.

Best of Luck Sue