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Thinking of new website- criticizing content on websites

website content critizing

3:06 pm on Mar 19, 2010 (gmt 0)

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The site I am planning to criticize is pretty big out there.. Do you think its a good idea?
any insights will be appreciated

5:07 pm on Mar 19, 2010 (gmt 0)

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Welcome aboard rose78348!

Really depends on how you do it, your approach, your directives . . . I'll give you two diametrically opposed examples.

Note that linking to sites is prohibited here unless they are considered authority sites so these are legal.

Jaw dropping but successful:
WebPagesThatSuck [webpagesthatsuck.com] (and webSitesThatSuck, same owner . . . ) I point beginning developers to this site at every opportunity. The bad part is, at this point in their career, it's all about ego, I'm an artist, you can't tell me what I need to know, only tell me what I want to hear. So they see this site as a site that seeks only to criticize and has no value.

They are overlooking the most important part, right in the title element:

learn good web design by looking at bad web design

Which it does, successfully. Some of the comments border on, umm, political incorrectness ("Flasherbation" is one of my favorites) but every point made is based in fact, and rings true. It turns the criticism into something positive, something we all can gain from, if you stick around long enough to see it.

Overdone, IMO failed, and dismissed as white noise, crap the web can do without: every single payPal hate site. The web is full of them, all claiming what a ripoff payPal is, how they were "done wrong" by payPal, and seek to drive it out of business.

Sure, their testimonials and stories all have "some" basis in fact, but they fail to see or present "the other side of the story." If you read between the lines, all of these sites will exhibit one thing: somewhere along the line, you screwed up. You responded to a phishing email, took some action to circumnavigate policy, or didn't bother to understand policy before taking some action that got you into trouble. I've worked with PP for . . . sheesh, 17 years? Never a single problem. I have associates and clients who have had problems, and in every single case the response is the same: "I didn't do anything." Yes you did, you just don't recognize it or refuse to admit it.

So criticizing sites? Yeah, sure, controversy is a great way to draw interest. But that interest may fade very quickly if you don't do it in a businesslike manner and with some form of positive directive.
2:19 pm on Mar 31, 2010 (gmt 0)

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Maybe I haven't had enough coffee, but what is your objective in critizing this website? What are you hoping to achieve?