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Trying my first ad revenue page

First Attempt To Generate Advertising Revenue From A Web Page

3:22 am on Jan 4, 2010 (gmt 0)

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Hopefully, I will have a page ready tomorrow or the next day that just might generate some traffic from strangers.

(That means that it's "almost ready" which probably means that there are delays of 40, 50, 60, or more hours awaiting me in real life.)

Can someone direct me to the appropriate threads which will give some useful advice from people who have had...

-- Recent experience
-- Long term experience
-- Broad industry experience
-- Experience with different advertisers
-- Any other relevant experience

...both good and bad, with respect to the practice of placing an ad banner on a page ?

So far, all my pages have been totally paid by me, controlled by me, and written for my benefit (which is fine, no shame no pride) but if I'm going to get involved with a 2nd and 3rd party, and there will be one dollar involved, then all the rules will change.

The scheme isn't brilliant; pathetically simple in fact. [1] User clicks on a link, [2] downloads the info, and [3] closes the page. Best I can tell, copyright's all clear (I did all the content myself) and it's all common daily practice across the world.

I want to start out really small, really simple, and I want a way out in case things develop ugly.

So anyway, what does a zero-clue newbee (like me) need to know about ads on a page ?

10:49 am on Jan 4, 2010 (gmt 0)

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So anyway, what does a zero-clue newbee (like me) need to know about ads on a page ?

Read your advertising network's terms and conditions carefully and take them seriously. Many problems come back to T&C breaches, usually committed in ignorance rather than with intent.

Don't expect to make much money, from your description you will be lucky to cover your hosting costs. You need a web site that generates a lot of traffic before you start getting a decent return.

5:26 pm on Jan 4, 2010 (gmt 0)

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...your advertising network...

I don't have one. I'm looking for experienced people to suggest three or four such advertising networks that I may want to consider. Web_Student here is still studying; I'll call this my first lab experiment.

Equally important, please, more experienced people: warn me in advance of the advertisers to avoid. I want a decent site that anyone from age 3-to-93 will approve, without objectionable ads.

I just realized, while putting the word into writing, that the word "objectionable" does not have a simple concrete definition. Hmmm, just as the advertiser will not cooperate with certain content on my page (total agreement there) I do not want certain ads on my page. Again, experienced brain-o-max folks, tell me things which I didn't know I should ask.

...terms and conditions...

Resident experts, please give me two or three memories from your own personal experience about nice things to have in that list of terms and conditions; then, the opposite: things from which I should run at high speed.

What is desirable ? What's a trap ?

Newbee no clue; listening to you.

... breaches ... ignorance rather than with intent....

That's fear number two. You've picked it right out of the front of my brain. My reading here indicates that the rules are so complex (obfuscated even further by highly complex software and then exacerbated by some sort of human decision factor which remains totally beyond my understanding) that I run a major risk of self-inflicted character defamation for something terribly simple when all I'm doing is letting users download this small file of which I am the complete author and inventor and so on. Ultimately, Google will be involved, whether I like it or not, so I have to understand those rules as well as the advertisers.

Don't expect to make much money

Bingo. Making money is not the intent here. Learning to deal with an advertiser, properly; that's the immediate goal

...from your description you will be lucky to cover your hosting costs...

Truth: I would consider that 100% success in this instance.


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