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Technology that overcomes limitations of Web Application on Mod PL/SQL

we plan to chnage the design of application that was build on Mod_PL/SQL



9:11 am on Feb 5, 2009 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

We are in search of a technology that overcomes the limitations that were discussed below in the Web Application developed by Mod_PL/SQL, also known as PL/SQL Cartridges.

The limitations in the application are as follows:
1) We are using Basic Authentication for the users to connect to our application. With this HTTP Basic authentication the Web client sends the user credentials with each and every request, therefore, the Oracle sessions will be built on each navigation of the user through the screens.
2) Basic access authentication is supported by all popular web browsers but the authentication realm which prompts for user credentials is dependent on the browsers. i.e.,in IE the system will prompt the authentication realm 3 times where as in NN, Firefox and other browsers the authentication realm will be prompted for infinite times when the suer enters the wrong username.
3) Basic Authentication is dependent on the browsers and its Session when killed will behave differently for each type of browser.
4) As the application is developed on Mod_PL/SQL there is no concept of session variables and we are trying to pass the values as parameters to all packages.
5) Application is not compatible with all the browsers.It Behaves diffently in different browsers.

Please reply us stating the technology that overcomes the limitations and that is compatible to all browsers.


9:13 am on Feb 5, 2009 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Please inform and reply us as soon as possible:):):)

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