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cms i think suggestions/ideas

csm suggestions



12:50 pm on Sep 5, 2008 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

HI all

first post and appologies for jumping straight in with a question

Now I am building a site for an artist friend, and as she wants to update it herself, im thinking cms

but, this is where im stuck, it needs to have auto page generation/menu addition, ie click add, and it appears in the menu

but heres the thing, say she has a section marked sculptures, she will want child pages there detailing each one,

but, on those pages, it would be idea, if i could build the layout/formatting in, so she then just adds conent without having to make sure everything is formatted, so say she has 5 image boxes to the left, then a brief description to the right
and a section underneath with everything else in

I know it can be done using the tables bit with say timnymce and fck editors, but we are talking super computer novice, so trying to remind her how to do it each time, is a bit awkward, so be nice to have it all laid out and she just inserts content

does such an option exist?



12:56 pm on Sep 5, 2008 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Just reread what i have wrote and confused myself

the best analogy i can suggest, is sub pages come ready created with editable regions, bit like say DW template pages


1:01 pm on Sep 5, 2008 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

First of all, welcome.

Not sure of your abilities and experience, but for a similar situation I have used Drupal and a custom content type (CCK). I used the Contemplate module for page layout and imagecache for automatic image resizing.

I use custom blocks written in php to do database queries to build true custom navigation. To make things simple, use the taxonomy module to automatically link things together.

I have successfully created two systems like this for use by novice users. By successful, I mean they love it.


3:02 pm on Sep 5, 2008 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Thank you for the reply, that may just be what i need :)


5:54 pm on Sep 10, 2008 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Yeah Drupal can do that easily. However, take easily with a grain of salt because it would be easy for someone like me who has been developing with Drupal for a year but would probably take someone new to Drupal a while to understand.

Basically what I would do is create a CCK node type called sculpture. Then you define the fields and inputs that your friend will be able to use.

To format the page you'd create a template called node-sculpture.tpl.php. This file allows you to use CSS and HTML to position all of the fields you created for the CCK node type. When someone looks at a page (actually a node) that is of the sculpture type, then node-sculpture.tpl.php is used to render the page (actually just the node).

Now if your friend has 100 sculptures she wants to show, having 100 menu items is obviously not ideal. So you would want to create some type of page that displays a list or gallery of sculptures. That is where the Views module comes in. You basically tell it what fields from the database you want to list and what kind of filter you want (node type: sculpture) and it dynamically generates the list, all without needing to know database programming. And like above, if you don't like the layout of the page you could create views-list-sculptures.tpl.php to control it. The views theme wizard will tell you the fields you can worth with.

Drupal is extremely powerful in that it lets you template everything so that the developer/designer controls the look of everything and someone simply inputs the content. But with so much power, the learning curve is pretty steep.


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