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Tried to change the URL's for my blog in the admin - now getting error

4:41 am on May 11, 2008 (gmt 0)

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I wanted to move my blog from site.com/blog to my root directory. So, to prepare, I went into the admin of Wordpress (v. 2.3.1) and went to where you change the URL's (I think one is the WordPress URL and one is the Blog URL). I changed them both from [mywebsite.com...] to [mywebsite.com...] When I clicked on update, it gave a 404 error. Everything was was working great prior to that.

Then, I figured it might have given that error because, as far as it was concerned, it was no longer located in the URL that it thought it was (kind of like when you change the IP of a router).

So, I downloaded those files, and then uploaded them to my root directory. No luck. Still got an error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp() in /home/ibrowncc/public_html/wp-blog-header.php on line 18

I have since deleted the files from my root directory and uploaded my old site to the root directory. I did not delete any of the files in the original blog folder, but I still can not access the admin section, nor does the blog display normally.

What do you suggest I do? Upload the original install files of the same version of Wordpress? Will I have to delete anything before I do that like it suggests to do when you upgrade? Should I overwrite all files and folders? Will I have to act as if it is a new install and go through the install process again?

I've already backed up my database.

7:32 am on May 11, 2008 (gmt 0)

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OK. I got it working again the way it was originally set up.

It seems as though there are conflicting instructions on how to move WP to the root directory from another directory on the same domain. WP says to change the URL's AFTER you move the files, but that didn't work for me. However, they did say MOVE and not COPY. That implies that the old files would no longer be there, which of course would not work. However, what if you COPIED them over before you change the URL's?

Is that what they are trying to say here?

If you want to move WordPress to your root directory, make sure all index.php, .htaccess, and other files that might be copied over are backed up and/or moved, and that the root directory is ready for the new WordPress files.

source: [codex.wordpress.org...]

This guy says to COPY the files over FIRST, run the old setup and log in to the old admin, change the URL's, and then log into the admin of the new site

This makes more sense to me, as when you change the URL's of the site, it's going to be looking for the files at that new location from that point on.

However, I don't think you would need to run the old setup. I would think, after you COPY the files over to the new location, you could just log into the old admin, change the URL's, log out, then log into the new admin and you're good to go.

Am I right?

Also, I am having issues with the tabs of the pages and when they are highlighted. It may have to do with the template.

Here are the issues I'm having:

I click on Home, and it highlights the Services tab and shows the Services page. I would prefer that it would highlight the Home tab and show the Services page when I click on Home.

When I click on the Services tab, it highlights the Services tab and shows the Services tab. Again, I would prefer to not have a Services tab and just have a Home tab, which would be my Services page.

I tried both renaming the Services tab to Home and deleting the Services page and creating a page named Home with the same content, and in both instances, it created to Home tabs. It did not take place of the default Home tab, which is what I was hoping for.

When I click on the Posts page (which I want to rename back to Blog once I move it), it highlights the Home tab and shows the Posts page. I would prefer it to Highlight the Posts tab and show the Posts page.

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