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Viewing Forums

To view the messages in a forum or subboard, just click (select) the forum you wish to view on the home page. The main screen for that forum will be shown. An example is shown in figure 5.

The in the main center of the screen will be the list of message titles that people have left in this forum, the poster and the time of the last post.

Displaying Message Lists:

At the bottom of the screen will be two drop down menus. The drop down menu on the right as shown in figure 17 has options to control the number of days worth of message titles to display. Select a number of days you feel comfortable with and click the submit button. This will set a cookie in your browser and be used throughout the Webmaster World system.

The left drop down menu as shown in figure 18 will display a list of the forums available for easy navigation between the forums. You can also use the location bar near the top of the screen to jump between categories and back to the home page.

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