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Using BestBBS

BestBBS is based upon a classic 1980's Bulletin Board Messaging System (BBS) where members may leave original messages (posts) and responses (replies) to other members' messages.

Site Organization

There are two modes of operation a webmaster may choose for BestBBS. WebmasterWorld Classic Mode and Traditional Forum Mode. If the board is operating in WebmasterWorld Classic mode, the entry page to the forum will display selected discussion topics. If the board is in Traditional Forum Mode, the entry page will be a listing of categories and subforums.

Using the homepage in Classic Mode is self explanatory and simple to use. Just use it as a normal webpage. To enter the forums, click on Forums Index or similar notation the Webmaster has left.

Forums Index Page

In both Classic and Traditional Modes, BestBBS will present a Forums Index page. The only difference is if a Highlighted Posts page (Traditional mode) is the homepage.

On the Forums Index page will be a listing arraged by Categories and Sub-forum topics.


Discussion topics are arranged in Categories. There may be one or dozens of categories and even sub-categories present on any system. The categories are the major topic divisions. An example category is shown at right next to the red 1. Under each category may be a brief description of what topics are appropriate in that category. You may click on the category name to get a listing of subforums in just that category.

After logging in, members may roll up a category by clicking on the "-" next to a forum. After clicking, the minus will switch to a plus sign. Webmaster may be able to specify that categories will be collapsed by default.

SubForums or Message Boards

Under the categories are sub message boards (next to red A in the first graphic). Over the years, popular names for sub message boards have changed. Often you will find message boards called subboards, message bases, or the popular internet name is simply Forums.

Under each forum is a brief description of what topics are appropriate for that forum.

The red bullet graphics show which forums have new messages in them since your last visit. Help Home