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At the top of every page on Webmaster World is a menu (shown in figure 2). The menu will change depending on if you are logged in or not.
The links include:
  • register: use to create your account. Members need to register before they can post a message.
  • glossary: we get many questions about acronyms and net jargon, that we created a glossary of definitions.
  • about: description of WebmasterWorld.
  • help: you are reading it.
  • disclaimer: member usage agreement.
  • login: to sign into the system under your username.
  • recent posts: a list of recently active posts.
  • ip address: Your current IP (internet protocol) address is displayed at the top of the screen.
    Additionally, if you log into the system, you will find the following additional items present as shown in figure 3:
  • search: registered members may search messages.
  • signout: logs you out from the system.
  • profile: allows you to edit your system profile.
  • show cookies: a option to show the cookies that WebmasterWorld may have set. (may or may not be present).
  • Flags: a local bookmark system where you may flag posts to follow.
  • Logo: you may click on the WebmasterWorld people logo to jump back to the home page from any place on WebmasterWorld.
  • Sticky Mail: users may send each other private messages via Sticky Mail. If there is mail in your inbox you will see the notation You Have Mail off to the right of the menu.
note a few of the links are struck through in images since that is the way I have my browser setup

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