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StickyMail is a local email system where you can send messages directly to other Webmaster World members. There is a full set of help files available within StickyMail.

StickyMail Quick Help
Welcome to StickyMail.
StickyMail is a local email system where you can send email to other users of WebmasterWorld. By using this system, you may be contacted by other users, yet keep your email address private.

For your protection, all potentially sensitive actions have follow up confirmation screens. Those confirmations can be turned off with the Options menu.

Compose Create:

  • Use the Create option to send a new message to another WebmasterWorld user.
  • You may use the checkbox at the bottom of the compose form to place a copy of the sent message in your own outbox (this is just a copy of the sent message).
folders Folders:
  • Click on the folders icon to show your folders. You may create new ones for you own usage. (The TrashCan, Inbox, and Outbox may not be deleted.)
notes Notes:
  • Use the Notes feature by clicking on the Notes icon from the main screen. Use it to leave notes to yourself.
  • On the notes display, you can edit your notes or add a new one.
Options Options
  • The options menu contains various user preferences. There is a brief help screen located on the options.

Address Book Address Book
  • Use the address book to keep track of your favorite webmaster world users.
  • Not only a simple address book, but a Mini PIM too.
The Main StickyMail screen:
  • View a message by clicking on its subject.
  • A red ball next to a message means that you have not viewed that message yet.
  • An envelope to the left means that you have viewed that message yet.
  • An (a) next to the subject of a message denotes that you have answered or sent a successful reply to this message.
  • See the profile of the sender by clicking on their name under the From column.
  • Use the Active Folder drop down form in the lower right of the main screen to move between folders.
  • The currently active folder is show on the location bar, near the top.
Group Message Options Groups of Messages: The arrow just informs you that the icons to the right of it are the group message options.
  • Work with groups of message by clicking on the form checkbox next to each message subject.
  • After selecting one or a group of messages, you may click on:
    • Use the Delete trashcan icon to delete those messages (with confirm) to the trashcan.
    • The trashcan will be emptied when a message is older than you have specified on the options screen. The actual empty trash command takes place on logout and login.
    • The Move folder icon to move those messages to another folder.
    • A follow up screen will show you the selected messages an prompt for the folder to move the messages to.
    • There are no restrictions on moving messages among folders.
    • Use the Forward icon to email your messages to your internet email account.
    • You must have a valid listed email address on your WebmasterWorld profile.
    • You may send one email of all your messages or one email for each selected message.
      Mark Read Mark Unread
    • The Mark Read and Mark Unread icons to set and reset the messages read status.

Other Actions:
  • When you are done, you may click on the logout icon to return to the main bulletin board.

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