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A WebmasterWorld Profile is information about the WebmasterWorld member. All information is configurable by the member.

Member Profile information is useful for all members as it allows you to present yourself and your site to other WebmasterWorld Members. Information on social media profiles, such as Twitter nic, and Facebook profile can be added. Profile referrals are a powerful means of promotion themselves and give members an idea of who is posting. Second, they are simply a way of letting other members know who you are - a self-introduction to the WebmasterWorld Community. To protect the system, any abuse of WebmasterWorld Member profiles may result in edits, or termination of a Member account.

Viewing Profiles

You may view a WebmasterWorld Member profile from several different locations within WebmasterWorld. You may view Moderator profiles from the WebmasterWorld homepage and from the top of their forum entry page, or in each forum where it says, "Forum Moderated by:..." or in each thread, "Moderated by..."

When viewing messages, you may click on the Member Name to view a user's profile. Once in the profile you can click on the member's name and it will take you to a StickyMail form where you can send them a local message. You can also send them a local message by using the envelope icon in a thread.

Editing Your Profile

After a Member is logged into the system, the top menu bar of every page will contain a "Control Panel" drop-down with options to your own system "Control Panel", "My Threads" "My Flags", "My Inbox", "Compose New Mail", and "Logout".. Sel;ecting "Control Panel from the drop-down is where Members may edit their profile information. After clicking "Control Panel Option", under "Preferences" you will see "Edit Profile" An example profile edit screen is shown below:

After clicking, you will be asked to sign in again as a security check. In the Control Panel Profile most of the fields are self explanatory.

Email Address. A valid email address is required for all WebmasterWorld Members. The system may also send you email notices if you elect to receive them from posts. PLEASE: no autoresponders. Using an email address that has an auto responder may result in the termination of your WebmasterWorld membership.

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