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Forums Index Page Properties

On the Forums Index page near the top, will be a line similar to:

Your last visit: 10:48 am on Nov. 21, 2000 (cst), Reset Last Read Pointers?

Webmaster World uses a cookie to detect your last visit and mark forums as read or not read. The line above will show your last visit time. The red bullets on the home page show which forums have new messages. You may reset these last read pointers by clicking on the "reset last read pointers" option. This will reset the last read pointers for ALL forums.

Over on the right side of the screen just below the menubar will show the name of the newest Webmaster World member.

Columns: Also on the home page are columns as shown in figure 4 at the right:

  • Moderator: This will list the name of a member who has been given the responsibility of watching over this forum. Click on the moderator name to see their profile. If you find a topic interesting, please take a moment to go visit the moderators home page that is listed on their profile. These people are giving of their time freely. More information on moderating at Webmaster World.
  • Posts: or total messages found in this forum. Post numbers may be larger than you can find messages in the forum due to aged messages being purged or moved to other forums.
  • Last Message: the date of the last message added to the forum. You may adjust this time by setting your time offset on your profile. The default time is in GMT or UT.

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