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Flags are a local bookmark system. When viewing a message you can "drop flag" on a post by clicking on drop flag located at the bottom and top of a post as shown in figure 10 at the right.

After clicking on drop flag, the top of the post will display a little icon at the top of the post as shown in figure 15.

Click on Delete to delete the flag, or list all flags to view a list of the flags you have dropped.

Viewing Flags

Clicking on Flags on the top menu bar (only present if logged in) will display a list messages that you have flagged. Once there, you can delete flags, or view messages. There is also a option to delete all flags.

When you are on a forums main entry page, any post you have flagged will show with the little flag icon as shown in figure 16. There is also a help screen available that is presented below:

Flag Help

We all have favorite messages we want to watch. However, forum messages are a pain to bookmark, they are hard to remember to bookmark while reading, you never remember just what it was you bookmarked. and who wants to clutter up their neatly kept bookmarks with a bunch of temporary entries anyway?

This feature allows users to drop flags on posts and then track those flags from this page. It is a mini-inhouse-bookmark system that is easy to use.

    Using Flags
  • Click on dropflag at the bottom of a post to drop a flag on that post.
  • Your flagged posts show a flag on the message list for each forum.
  • Once a post is flagged, you can view and manage the flags from this page.
  • Just visit this page to follow your favorite threads.

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