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Editing Messages

The original creator of a post may edit the post. Click on owner edit as shown in figure 7 at the right. After clicking on edit, you will be presented with the post in the normal Webmaster World message creation form. Edit the post and press submit.

NOTE: you may edit a post to uncheck the "email notification of replies" option.

If your message is the last in the thread, or the your message is less than two hours old, no "tagging" of the post will be done. This is to give members enough time to spot typos are quick corrections. If your post is not the last in the thread and it is more than two hours old, it will be tagged with Edited by member, with member being replaced with your member name. This is so people don't go back to edit their post and change the context of the thread or change information within the thread (it keeps everything on the up and up).

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