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Creating Messages

Leaving a message is called posting. A message itself is sometimes called a post.
You may leave a new topic, or reply to an existing topic. Near the bottom and top of a post, are two graphics: Post New Topic and Post Reply as shown in figure 11.

Click on Post Reply to add your comments to the current thread. You comments to be in response to the original message at top and within the scope of the current topic. If you need to ask a question that is not within the current topic, select Post New Topic to leave a new message.

After selecting to leave a new message, a follow up screen will present you with an input form. Below the form will be a review of the current topic. At the bottom of the form window will be two check boxes:

  • Email Notification of Replies: If you wish to be notified when someone makes a reply, click this check box. If you wish to undo a notification, simply edit your post and uncheck the box.
  • Disable Graphic Smile Faces: Click this box if you do not wish the ;) type smile faces to be converted into their graphic equivalent. This is handy if you are posting something preformatted or code.
  • Submit: When you fell your post is set, press the submit.
  • Preview: You may preview your post with the preview option before committing it to the system permanently.

HTML Style Codes

Near the bottom of every reply or post form is a help option to view the HTML style codes used by the system. These codes are similar to HTML in that you can html'ify your post. Please see the HTML code help page.

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