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Recent Posts Active List

At the top of the main menu bar is a link for "recent posts". The Recent Posts Active List is the current list of active posts. The posts are displayed by time in reverse order with the most recent post being the top in the list. (shown in figure 14)

The recent posts list is very useful for regular members to keep up with the ebb and flow of WebmasterWorld. Down in the lower right are a set of options to navigate through more pages of the recent posts list.

While you are on the default page of the recent posts list it is set to auto refresh once every 5 minutes. A red highlight bullet will show which posts are new since your last visit to the recent posts list.

Click on the title of a post to view that post in a new window. Other icons used on the Recent Posts page include:- Yellow Exclamation mark to signify a post of yours. Orange Pin icon signifies a pinned thread.

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