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How Do I Get Someone's Adsense Suspended

9:45 pm on Jul 19, 2016 (gmt 0)

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Long post, bear with me.

I have been dealing with a very chronic content thief for a long time. This has ultimately rendered all efforts on one of my sites useless.

Google in its infinite wisdom constantly ranks the duplicate content directly above mine when the title or excerpt is searched verbatim.
As a result, I have suffered serious loss of traffic and revenue.

The thief has been at it for over 2 years, and at this point has duplicated nearly 1,000 pages from my site. ONE THOUSAND. That is insane.

What makes it more complicated is that neither the thief nor his host are in the US.
I contacted the site owner and firmly told him to cease the theft, but he literally refused.
I filed a DMCA with Google Search, but they decided not to take action, and suggested I work it out directly with the thief, and they'll adjust their search results accordingly.
What nonsense!

I went ahead and filed an abuse complaint with his host, but no action appears to have been taken (it's been about 2 weeks). Although his host is notorious for harboring such sites.

Now, the main question is since Google's reporting process seems the same for its products, is there a more direct way to report the abuse to the adsense team?
Mainly because Google did not act on the initial Search engine request.

The thief has adsense on his site which is entirely duplicate content, copyrighted music downloads and such.
A few copied posts here and there can be overlooked, but almost 1,000 is about 60% of my entire site content and can't be overlooked.

I put in a lot of effort on this site, and to watch someone else get fat from it at my expense is a huge buzzkill.
6:54 pm on July 26, 2016 (gmt 0)

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Haha. They would definitely deserve that. However, it isn't really worth the risk, considering the most likely outcome would be a content warning strike from Google.

I'll get them one way or the other.
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