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Reporting adsense TOS violaing site to google.

Nothing happenes...never... Should we bother?

2:36 am on Jun 6, 2009 (gmt 0)

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I have reported (a good citizen) couple of sites to Google for violating their TOS.

one site had 8 ad blocks on the same page, last time i checked it was 3....

the other site was floating adsense ads across the page every time the page loaded, it has a tiny "close" button that you would miss it and close the ads...

well, not trying to harm anyone i have filled the google "report a violating site" form...and nicht, nothing happen,,,

i wonder, if i should take of my precious time and spend time reporting violating sites when the reports are going to the bin.....

3:31 am on June 6, 2009 (gmt 0)

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I understand the concept of being a good citizen where someone does something out of a sense of altruism. However, altruism doesn't worry about the results. Being ethical and responsible is it's own reward.

Most definitions of altruism define it as a person who helps others, sometimes at their own personal expense. The definition generally doesn't cover someone who is seeking that others suffer punishment. So while a priest who punished heretics during the Spanish Inquisition may have been doing his duty to rid the world of evil, it would be difficult to call that person an altruist. However a priest who himself suffers personally in providing charitable aid like food, medicine, and joy to the disadvantaged can be called an altruist.

You see something that's out of bounds. Here are two ways to approach it:

1: It offends your sense of propriety that someone is cheating. You report it to let Google know about the violation and let them handle it. Then you move on with your life, dealing with issues that directly impact you, like your own business.

2. Or, you report it with the wish in your heart and the goal in your mind that someone is punished and suffers for their wrongdoings.

Which approach is healthy? 1 or 2? Which approach is the best allocation of your time? Is it best to get on with your business? Or is it best to let the idea of cheaters going unpunished darken your day?

If you are reporting the sites not out of altruism but out of self-interest, then you are 100% correct to question how best to spend your time. After all, it's Google's responsibility, not yours, to weed out bad publishers. It's Google's business. It's none of your business.

Should you bother? Time is precious, as you noted. I agree with you 100%. How much precious time to spend worrying about Google's business versus spending it improving your own business is a question that you can answer best.

5:26 am on June 6, 2009 (gmt 0)

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No philosopher here, just a pragmatic person.

Let me tell you this: Over the years there have been many reports (here and elsewhere) that Google does not act upon even the wildest TOS violations. Only few people understand why this may be the case (other than the money that Google is going to lose by acting).

So, I stopped reporting violating sites. It is time that can be spent better (e.g. looking for Adsense alternatives).

6:26 am on June 6, 2009 (gmt 0)

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I stopped reporting sites that violate the TOS. It's a waste of time. I reported several sites that for instance steal content from other websites and throw it on a site with 4 or 5 Adsense ad units per page so that you are almost "forced" to click the ads. After months the violators are still there. With this attitude Google is slowly destroying its own business model. As an advertiser I wouldn't want my ads to show up on these crappy sites that produce waisted clicks.

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