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AdSense Webmasters on Mozilla AdBlocker Extension

3:56 am on Aug 24, 2007 (gmt 0)

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BTW, the story was picked up by InfoWorld [infoworld.com] today. Look for the article entitled "Firefox ad-blocker extension causes angst" (currently on the front page).

From the article:

Adblock Plus is listed on a Mozilla Web site as the second most popular add-on for the open source browser. PC World, which is owned by IDG, named the extension one of the best 100 products of 2007...

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5:11 pm on Sept 3, 2007 (gmt 0)

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For those interested in reading the "big media" take on the issue.


The article contains several quotes from Wladimir Palant, the author of AdBlock Plus.

Mr. Palant, a 27-year-old programmer in Cologne, Germany, is not an ideological opponent of online advertising. For example, he counts himself a fan of the ads that show up with a Google search, saying they are useful and unobtrusive. That does not mean Adblock will not block Google’s ads, however. It means Mr. Palant has to customize his own version of the program to allow them in.

Right on, Mr. Palant - let's sympathize with a large company while killing all the small ones.

Another telling quote describing his perverse moral justification:

“There is only one reliable way to make sure your ads aren’t blocked — make sure the users don’t want to block them,” he wrote. “Don’t forget about the users. Use ads in a way that doesn’t degrade their experience.”

Ok, that doesn't even make any sense. Or is he implying some sort of collective responsibility of advertisers?

Some of the quotes are so eerily similar to what people have been saying here that I became convinced Mr. Palant reads this forum as well. For example:

One response by Web sites would be for them “to serve ads from their own servers,” Mr. Palant wrote in an e-mail message. “For them, this has the advantage that they will probably escape common filter rules, which are usually targeted at large advertising servers.”

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8:15 am on Sept 5, 2007 (gmt 0)

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I just found out about adblock and norton firewall and I am furious. Why aren't webmasters signing up for a class action lawsuit. This is stealing the food off my table and I seriously want action. I can't believe some people think that its useless to counter ad blockers. I immediately implemented ad blocker blocking scripts. My monthly cost is minimum 1700 USD to keep the box running and I barely cover those cost with the crap adsense gives me. Now I risk losing that. People are living on another planet when they say things like "They wouldn't click on the ads anyway" They don't even realize amount of ad views are indicators for ad sales. No ads= no website. Let's hear from these geniuses when they have to actually pay for web content.
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