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Adwords Quality Improvements

Google is getting really serious now!

7:30 am on Jun 9, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Very interesting discussion over at the Adwords forum:

"Going from "Great" 0.03 bids to "Poor" 0.50 bids"

Apparently, the Adwords Quality Score has been adjusted to increase charges for sites running affiliate schemes. Some advertisers are drowning in their tears.

This is the right way to go! Go, Google, go!

I am plagued by a seemingly endless parade of affiliate advertisers who offer all the same template based cr*p without adding anything to the user experience. Zero. Pretty much like MFAs. Hopefully these will be gone soon too.

I want to see adverts from those who sell a product not from middle-men. Every middle-man sitting between my site and the seller will just grab a share of the money. (Yes, Google is a middle-man too, but it will be hard to cut them out of Adsense.)

7:42 am on June 9, 2007 (gmt 0)

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You mean that it is good to knock off all affiliate marketeers? All those running CJ etc links should be knocked off? Is this good for publishers? Many of the merchants just donot advertise on adWords and rely on affiliates to push sales. Affiliate marketing is a big part of the web.

A part of the User experience is providing some' tangible physical product ' at sharp prices which they may be actually LOOKING for. Not all consumers want ONLY information through FREE SERPS.

I thnk the challenge in front of the affilaite marketing guys is to integrate unique useful information with affiliate links and products. This may be the way forward.

8:19 am on June 9, 2007 (gmt 0)

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I think theres more to it than meets the eye.

Im a retailer online, quite a larghe concern who uses AdWords as well as relying on the standard listings in google. I was #1 in the standard until recently, so to try and counteract this I pay AdWords to be at the top until yesterday, suddenly my ad has dropped from #1 to #8 on my main key term.

I have increaed the price to bring me back up, but no luck.

I think its a technical issue rather than a change, or im hoping. Any advice would be helpful?

9:28 am on June 9, 2007 (gmt 0)

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I understand that affiliates are a big part of the Internet value chain, and I do not want to dismiss them altogether. BUT I have been experiencing an unnatural growth of low-level affiliates that do not add anything to the user experience.

The perfect example is from the travel sector - booking engines. there are just a few (max. a handful) real reservation engines that directly connect into the backends of the tour operators and airlines. These companies offer white label services, so they are pure B2B. As a matter of fact, basically any "reservation system" that sells reservations for hotels and flights uses one of those big systems. So far nothing wrong with that.

Now, some of the "affiliates" have done their homework and are looking to differentiate themselves from the (otherwise identical) offers from their competition. They offer interactive maps, user reviews of hotels, and may even present unique information on the destinations. Good stuff.

Others just take the basic offering from the "big" reservation engines, slap together a few frames surrounding the GUI of the "big" reservation engines and start an Adwords campaign. With the same promises, rebates, prices as all the other "affiliates" out there. No unique information, no differentiation. Not so good stuff. As they do not put any effort in their service, these "services" focus on cheap clicks, following the basic MFA approach. In fact, they are nothing else than disguised MFAs. They need to get cheap clicks, and I don't want them.

I have said it many times, and I will be happy to repeat it: I am interested in unique advertisers that sell products and who add to the user experience. I am not interested in middle-men who arr in the game just for the money, slapping together webpages for this or that topic, centered around "keywords", looking to trick users into clicking or buying from them.

I applaude to Google for each and every step towards a high-quality advertising system. In my opinion, this will secure long-term success for those who care about their users/visitors. Which I do.


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