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ECPM, Visits And Impressions/Pageviews

Is there really a correlation to earnings?

12:50 am on Mar 27, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Ok I have a quick question.
I watch my sites stats based on ECPM, visits and impressions.

My G Adsense stats say 1,000 impressions gives me approx 30.00. But how many visits lead to impressions/page views. Since the discovery of Google Analytics i see that every visit leads to an average of 3.16 impressions/pageviews. This means that I need to get at least 300+ visits per day to get 1000 impressions/pageviews.

However some times you see stats that shows no reduction in visits but reductions in impressions. If this occurs then lower ECPM and lower earnings.

Is the real trick behind Adsense success to increase pageviews or to increase visits. Where increasing visits proves difficult can we use little things to let someone stay longer on your website and improve the likelihood of clicking on an ad.

The theme in many threads retort that the more valuable info on a webpage the less likely a person to click on an add to exit that page.

So first:
What do adsensers do to increase pageviews to get more clicks?
Has anyone used this approach and what has been the outcome?

6:24 pm on Mar 27, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Is the real trick behind Adsense success to increase pageviews or to increase visits.

At some point you'll run into a limit on pageviews, because you have a mix of visitors (this is a really oversimplified grouping of visitors):

1) Visitors who are doing research about something, and spend a lot of time on your site (a lot of pageviews)
2) Visitors who arrive on a specific page, and then leave when they find the relevant information (not many pageviews)
3) Visitors who check your site daily or weekly (not many pageviews)

How to increase pageviews? Add more content that your current visitors would find appealing.

The flip side to that, is that the more content (and better) you produce, the more sites will link to you, the more Google will be happy, the more visits you'll get.

In other words, the two are related. There is a point where you won't be able to increase your pageviews, because you are still getting a lot of traffic that visits one page, finds what they need, and then moves on.

One thing is to really have an easy-to-use navigation system. That can help quite a bit, but at some point, you are having to deal with driveby visitors, who find what they need, and/or are looking at one specific thing.

8:16 pm on Mar 27, 2007 (gmt 0)

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Although some people will use the Back Button, many will leave your site once they click on an Ad.

There is the possibility that those visitors who visit lots of pages are much more interested in your site content than they will be in clicking on an Ad.

In terms of the number of clicks you receive, the number of page impressions will matter far less than the number of visitors.

On the other hand more page views, as has been said before, makes it more likely that your site will be linked to or bookmarked - this will help increase the number of visitors. In addition, if you're really smart, you may funnel your visitors to various key pages where the "killer ads" are placed. This may ensure that clicks from your pages convert well for your advertisers, avoiding smart pricing and possibly helping to attract the best paying ads.

So what's the answer? In my view, what is important is to produce good quality, useful content. Aim to do this to attract both visitors and advertisers - page impressions may increase as a result, but focus on visits as the key metric.

4:13 pm on Mar 31, 2007 (gmt 0)

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So then the impressions will eventually peter out so to speak. A recent link i has allowed me to do two things, first i get just about 50 page views a day. This translates into x3.4 impressions.

I thought ok increase page views = increase in impressions and ultimately keeping my same CTR. Worked for the first two days. But because that site gets a lot of returning visitors CTR and dropped.

There is a site that is down for maintenance and I have gotten a great link from it. It still ranks # 1 in Google and since the page says down for maintenance, anything that says Get Listings here will yield traffic. So I am at it again.

But will it truly work, has anyone done this really?