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Multilingual website for best SEO results

3:28 pm on May 2, 2014 (gmt 0)

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I have two questions regarding creation of multilingual website, I'm asking about SEO aspects.

Problem no 1:

What is better for optimization, what influences better on ranking position: single main website, e.g., example.com, example.newtld with IP geolocation and additionally language choice or creation of many websites separate for each country with corresponding country code TLDs e.g., .us, .de, .co.uk ?

Scenario 1) example.com, geolocation - main page will be displayed automatically with apropriate language.

Scenario 2) example1.com, example2.de, example3.co.uk, example4.se and so on - proper language on each website for corresponding country.

Let's say that in scenario 1) main website is promoted in Google for key phrase "car sale". Would it have any impact for key phrase "vente de voiture" when there is no SEO for french language? ("vente de voiture" means "car sale" in french).

Does SEOing for key phrases from one language influences or makes easier to optimalize in some way in other languages (e.g. site has links for german keyphrases, is it then easier to get higher SERP for french key phrases because the site already has some links) ?

I'm not asking only for equivalent meaning key phrases like in mentioned "car sale" example, but also I want to know if it makes easier or influences on better SERP when a website is SEOed in one language - will it make somehow easier when we start to SEO keywords from different language ?

Problem no 2

Let's say that we have chosen scenario 1). How geolocation will influence on indexing and SEOing a website? We have here again two options:

Option 1) depending on visitor origin a main page of a website will be displayed in proper language e.g., example.com/us/, example.com/de/, example.com/uk/ (OR us.example.com, de.example.com, uk.example.com) along with proper language version of deeper pages e.g., example.com/us/url, example.com/de/url, example.com/uk/url

Option 2) urls along with main page are the same for every language - example.com will be displayed with language suitable title, meta tags, texts and other content depending on visitor's origin (geolocation). The same goes with subpage urls e.g., example.com/english-texts-in-urls or example.com/124545645 - plain english or numbers in this variant are necessary just to avoid confusion when some for example italian dude could see german texts in url.

I suspect that in option 1) creation of single main website when taking care only about SEO aspects is pointless. I mean there is no difference versus separate websites with .ccTLDs .us, .de, .co.uk and so on because Google will treat subdomains (e.g., us.example.com, de.example.com) like completely individual separate websites. The same goes with language separate urls (e.g., example.com/us/something, example.com/de/something, example/uk/something. I mean the fact that we do SEO on for example example.com/uk/12345 won't have any positive consequences on example.com/it/12345 because those are different urls despite same content written in two languages.

What about option 2) ? Won't google be fooled when we would have same urls, links in various languages? Will it be properly indexed e.g., it will be in google.de indexed in german language and not with other improper one when it depends only on IP address of a visitor ? Is it even a good idea ? Is this solution anyhow better than just making separate websites for every country e.g., co.uk, .de, .se or better than using subdomains (e.g. uk.example.com) or separate page urls for each country (example.com/uk/)

I would be gratefull for sharing your opinions and thought about those topics.
Thanks in advance.

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6:21 pm on May 2, 2014 (gmt 0)

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If any aspect of the site is based on user's country of origin, it will be invisible to google. They crawl only from the US, and don't send an "accept-language" header. (The major Eastern European search engines-- Yandex, Seznam, Mail.ru-- do send one. I just checked.)