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How Google take actions on DMCA notification? Is there always an action

6:01 am on Jun 14, 2013 (gmt 0)

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Hi guys

I'm shocked to recieve DMCA compliant from my hostting provider, stating that I need to remove the mentioned content within 48 hours or else they will. The compliant clearly targeted my whole website, but he's just blackmailing me.

So, I need to know how Google consider these DMCA complaints I've work very hard and my website has just started to grow in terms of Google ranking and traffic, I fear this will effect my rating (if Google won't be doing their very own unbiased inquiry). The person who has filled the complaint against me is actually blackmailing me for many days, with different techniques. The logics that he presented to you that some of my posts and pages are same, all are nonsense (please excuse me for my tone, I'm extremely frustrated). I can see that some of it are similar, but they are not same, neither the content distribution strategy of my website is same with his website. We both are direct competitors in reviews industry.

He stated that how come my relatively new website can have more content: As per his logic that his website was created first and mine is still new, actually, my website is an authority site that has a dedicated team of 20+ professionals working on it and his website is more like a personal blog -- so we're able to publish more articles on it, when compared to his, as mine is an authority with more man force and workers. Hope it makes sense.

He says; he's afraid that he might be penalized by Google: As far as his statement of being penalized by Google is concerned; you may also be aware that Google is smart enough to detect what's the genuine and what's the copy, so Google always gives credit to the website that is old they not give credit to the new ones, if two website's are copy of each other. So, it pretty much clears that my website is build on a unique strategy and design and that's why Google is loving it! And that's the reason why he is showing professional jealousy, as much as I can think off. Actually, I'm an internet marketer and SEO guy with 7 years of experience, and it's my passion. The interesting thing is, I did provided him consultation as a Content Manager in the past, and even the strategy on his website is still pretty much what I designed, I know he owns that as he paid me for it, but I'm just trying to explain that I'm good enough to create and build my own strategy and unique website (because I know the importance of it), thus, I don't need to copy. I've many explanations that my website is unique in design, content and strategy from his website (which is more like a personal blog site).

I just want to tell Google that it's not a copy of his website but it is made after 20-20 hours of hard work every day for many months and it's all going on until today, as you can understand that it takes this much (even more may be) effort to build a quality website. The reason why he might be thinking that my is a copy of his is, just because his own content is not 100% original, he've get it done after re-writing from other sources within our niche/market.

So, our posts are somehow identical because sometimes I'm getting ideas for the content production from the same sources, but as like him I don't re-write an article completely from a single source, I'm taking on some sort of "genuine content curation" rather than relying on a single source, even if re-writes are produces. Apart from it, I've implemented my brand new strategy on the site, which is way different than his, however he might find my strategy similar to his but it's 200% different - I've different approach than all of the sites. Actually, I've discovered my very own strategy that includes but isn't limited to ZERO SEO (like link building etc...); I'm not considering the so called SEO, I'm taking "quality for the users" into my consideration for my this project/website, which is working great for me - I'd probably distribute this ethical strategy to the guys who're really deserving (but I'd need 2-3 months more to evaluate it further and make it even better).

So, I'm just shocked how my hosting guys can put my site down from their hosting server, just because of a complaint from another person. Are they punishing me to be their customer? If so, I can host my website on another hosting provider, it's not fair at all! They should at least check my site's design, strategy (which i can't reveal publicly) and listen to my concerns too, prior to making a decision of pausing or getting my site down within 48 hours or so... It's my hard work and investment of hardly earned money that has enable my site to rank higher than others, so it will be great injustice if they or Google could put me off straight away.

I hope to get a kind response from you soon, and I hope that these kind of blackmailing/fake complaints won't help the compliant.


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4:22 pm on June 16, 2013 (gmt 0)

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You can sue someone for filing a false DMCA request.
7:24 am on June 17, 2013 (gmt 0)

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A properly formatted DMCA notice specifically states what you are accused of plagiarizing. URL and content.

You do have the opportunity to counter the notice, proving your work is not an infringement on the complainant's work.
9:02 am on June 17, 2013 (gmt 0)

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You can certainly counter the notice.