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Changing <title> Tag globally & Keyword density to gain SERPs back

Changing <title> Tag globally can hurt SERPs and reducing keyword density?


vikram lashkari

4:15 pm on Jan 10, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member


One of Client is being badly hurt by the google for his PR5 6 yrs old ecommerce website since Dec 26 and google does not wants to stop hurting him.

He used to come up Top for most very good two words competitive keywords since last 3 -4 years. And he has never changed major on those pages ever in terms of design and other seo techniques. what he was doing ,was just adding new products and removing old products from those pages.But google some how didn't liked him now and has just chopped his site from SERPs now.

He is facing following problem now

1) His some of very good keywords are send From position #1 to #300+
2) Site:www.domain.com is constanlty reducing and it has gone half now
3) His traffic has gone 60% down
4) His some very good pages are not at all there in SERPs or in cached. even if we check like cache:www.domain.com/hisproducturl.htm nothing comes up
5) He seems to be constantly loosing SERPs for other keywords.

So he comes say that he wants to change the <Title> on all of its page. for example his page title pattern is "{product name} - buy online at {domain name})" and for category pages "{category name} - buy online at {domain name})" .

Now he wants to change this pattern and he has asked for suggetion. What i suggested is that by changing such pattern google might effect his domain adversely. But he said that he is already affected. what i have suggested is to get rid of " buy online at" from both products and categories pages title as i have logical reasoning for this. none of the products or categories pages of my client has "buy online" any where in the content of the page, so those words might not have weightage on keywords prominency and thats why i suggest to get right of words "buy online at" from his <title>.

What else i have noticed is that his pages where in some specific patterns where right at the starting of the page his Keywords are repeating 2 -3 times. So i have suggested to change that as this dec-26 algo have mainly effected those who have duplicate content or keyword density problem. He did have done some minor design change somewhere in starting of dec but i donot think that would have affected him.

So please if you genius webmasters can confirm me what i suggested to my client is fair enough to bring him back or it can effect him even badly. And is there are any chances of him to come on its own without doing anything ( as i donot think so because his pages are getting removed from not only SERPs but even from cache:).

I will highly appreciate suggestion from u all. and will share what i will experience.

thanks alot

vikram lashkari

8:05 pm on Jan 10, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

hi all,
also want to let you all know that his site:domain.com is varying all time at .com and .co.uk



8:14 pm on Jan 10, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member


>this dec-26 algo have mainly effected those who have duplicate content or keyword density problem

Not necessarily. Read the current "January 2007 Google Changes" thread and there may be other issues. The titles obviously worked well before but by the sounds of things they could be improved. The phrase 'buy online' may be a good one, so you could put it onto the page as well as the title, rather than dropping it?. Having the domain name in the title may be a waste and dilute the seo emhasis on the other words. I would change 3 or 4 titles and see if you can demonstrate or monitor the effect before doing site wide changes. This gradual change over 3 months would be safer and you could avoid doing any sudden damage.

Many sites are coming back after the christmas drop. Some made changes, others didn't. It may be worth waiting another week before you do anything, unless you can see an obvious problem. My own opinion is that everyone who got hit has a problem that needs to be addressed, otherwise they will keep getting hit again and again. I would look at links both in and out plus potential duplicate content, especially in the metadescriptions.

vikram lashkari

10:13 pm on Jan 10, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

hi MHes,
Thats alot for your great suggestion and i am constantly keeping an eye on january changes thread and trying to get if anything in respect to me.

Now what everyone is discussing is about mostly duplicate content which i think my client hardly have any. Some imporatant fact which i would like to share about my client are as follows :

1)His site doesnot have any metadescriptiontag on any of his page including homepage and google is picking metadescription directly from the content of the page.

2)What i have found is that his site have keywords repeating

(not for spamming but his site structure is like that)
for 3 times in his categories pages [i]which is 50% of site[i].Let me explain how it is getting repeated, he has breadcrumb(navigation path hyperlink) right at the begining of the caetgory pages with titletag on the hyperlink and just after that <h1> tag with the same text as pagetitle or text in the breadcrumb. like this

<title>innercategory - buy online {domainname} </title>

Home (alt=home)->Category1(alt=category1)->innercategory2(alt = innercatgory2)

3) His category page has so many products with the keyword name, and he was listing 60 products per page. And mostly on all of his product has keyword in product name. He has used

alt text = productname
in the image and he has 2 lines of description to describe the product which mostly includes keyword. So on an average his keyword contains in the product list for 2 times per product for alleast 35 products so on an average 70 times keywords appear in a category page. This was working great till 26th, so he has never tried to optimized as it could have hurt his position. but now it has hurt him.I fully suspect this high density of keyword in the productlisting is the major problem for him

So what i feel following are my suggestion for the above listed problems

1)I feel even if i still donot add metadescription tag it is fine and google is smart enough to pick metadescription..but still if u guys suggest me to adding metadescription instead of google picking on its own will be benefical or helps in bring back his site again in SERPS then i will do that.

2)For his repeatation of the keyword for 3 times right at the begining of category pages. I can remove one time by removing the heyperlink on the last breadcrumb .But if u suggest me not to repeat keyword at all at the begining of the page then i will add some content before <h1> tag or i will change the breadcrumb position.

3)For high keyword density in the content (productlisting) in categorypages, i can change the cap from 60 to 30 so that the no of keywords on page will go down from 70 to 40. as i cannot change product name and

in the image as they are necessary. but still if u have any suggestion i will follow that.

Hope some of you will give suggestion on the points which i have elaborated



10:28 pm on Jan 10, 2007 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member


>I fully suspect this high density of keyword in the productlisting is the major problem for him

I agree, but probably not the cause of the current problem. Long term, it may be better to improve his titles and lower the overall duplication of navigation on the pages and also lower the word frequency.

With no metatag description, google is probably taking the first breadcrumb for each page as the meta description...... does this create a duplicate meta description problem? My guess is that nost pages will have a very similar set of words and this could be a problem.

vikram lashkari

8:28 am on Jan 11, 2007 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

hi MHes,
good morning...just came now and found ur reply about possiblity of duplicate metadescription. I m just going through my clients website right now and see if it is the case and keep u posted.

thanks again


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