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Has anybody fixed things AND seen results

Big Daddy supplemental changes and impact

4:34 pm on Sep 22, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I'm among those "victims" of Google changes since Big Daddy. I've fixed everything that everyone has talked about - canonical issues, meta descriptions, different domains pointing at the same site, robots.txt etc etc etc. I mean EVERYTHING. The words of g1smd et al have become the guiding force in my life - thank you :-)

BUT, I've seen no real improvement, and it is now worse than ever - ten days ago we had 200 pages, today we have 57. That's after several months of fiddling, analysis, heartache and stress. Frankly, I'm absolutely desperate, depressed and thoroughly tired of the whole thing.

My question is simple - given that I am not the only one who has fixed these issues, can ANYBODY report any success? Or are we all just wasting our time?

If no-one has been successful, might we be better off looking at it from another angle? Is duplicate content really the issue here? Is it too soon to see any results? Should I just give up?

I'd appreciate your thoughts...

11:37 pm on Sept 25, 2006 (gmt 0)

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All the redirects now sorted, and i'im in the process of clearing up 6 years of duplicate META tags from earlier more innocent days.
About a year ago i began to notice that although i was adding more content, that traffic and income wasn't increasing by as much as expected.
12:26 am on Sept 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

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i changed an alias to a 301 redirect after disappearing completely from index. popped back in at my original spots (top 3) for ALL my keywords in about a week. i also did a reinclusion request, but not sure if that was a part of it. i did tweak some text, but the 301 is almost certainly the thing that did it. I'm still trying to figure out how the site at #1 is doing it, it has nearly zero text and only a couple references to the keyword, and only 3 links-backs! (sorry for the no caps, i'm in a huge hurry)
9:56 pm on Sept 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

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What a nightmare this has been!

First, I realized there was the www. vs. non-www. issue. OK, fixed that a year or so ago, if not before that.

Then, there was the issue with linking to /index.html instead of /folder/ so I got that fixed.

Now I've discovered that the path to my forum was configured wrong, so the URL had two slashes in it (http:/ /mydomain.com/forum//index.php?) and I'm still trying to fix that because Googlebot is crawling it with one slash and with two slashes!

Then, I find another thread here at WebmasterWorld regarding scraper sites linking to your site by adding a dot to the end of the URL (http:/ /mydomain.com./)! They are coming at you from every direction, and little Googlebot is glad to happily follow along, wrecking your site in the SERPs.

When I get all this straightened out, I sure hope it's all worth it!

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