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OK Fellow Hotel Site Owners - Let's Get Ready To Close Up Shop

Thanks to Google's new feature which mixes local results into SERPs



2:58 pm on Aug 31, 2006 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Although I found this only in my industry, it may be finding its way into others. A few minutes ago doing a search for "hotels in widget" two out of the first 10 results (#4 & #9) appeared in this format:

Widget Hotel - Widgettown, State
1234 Smith St
Widgettown, State, Zip
(555) 555-5555 - Map & Info
A one or two line description here taken
from the site...

Put simply - this sucks. Who is going to click on "tripadvisor", "yahoo travel" and all those spammy subdomains "dallas-widgets.cheapwidgetdiscountsbookonlinenow.com" that make up the top 10 results of any reasonable hospitality query.

But all kidding aside - this is gloomy news for those of us competing for eyeballs in local markets. Anyone else seen this in other industries?


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