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Adsense Search Engine?

Use Adword To Advertise A Page Full of Adsense Ads

4:59 pm on May 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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A few months back I saw an advertiser who advertised at MSN. When I clicked at the ads I was brought to a page which has no content whatsoever except Adsense ads. Being an Adsense publisher myself I didn't click as I do not want Adword publishers to lose money since I have no interest in the product. I forgot the name of that site as I quickly closed my browser.

Today, I saw an Adsense ads at a hardware review site that really interests me. I tried to put my mouse on the link so that I could see the URL so that I could manually key in the URL instead of clicking on the ads. (I always do this, so if you are an Adsense publisher, it is very hard to earn money from me. RFOL) But I can't see the URL. So, I have no choice but to click at the Adsense link. I was brought to the web page which has nothing but Adsense ads that is related to that widget advertised earlier at other web site.

I was really curious. So, I decided to check the homepage of this web site. It has nothing but a search box that says "Search to find results on any topic." No contact us, about us, or any information whatsoever about the purpose of the web site. Even the logo of the site has broken link.

I did a search on a few widgets and all the results are related to the keywords I used. And guess what? All are Adsense ads.

Does Google allow this? The site is nothing but a Google Adsense "search engine." The site is a few months old with 0 page ranking. I doubt anyone would be interested to use that "search engine." So, the owner has to advertise with Adwords hoping that those who clicked on his Adwords will click the Adsense links at his web site.

Is that how some Adsense publishers are making a lot of money? Spending money on Adwords, etc hoping that they could earn more money from Adsense.

If that is how Adsense so-called UPS clubs are earning their big money, I feel really frustrated, because I've been working so hard late at night creating contents (believing that I could not put Adsense on pages with no content) just to earn a few dollars per day from Adsense, while those with money, all they need to do is advertise with Adwords, etc to bring others to their web sites which have no content whatsover except Adsense.


5:24 pm on May 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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There are many sites like this. Remember, that Google allows up to 3 ad units and 1 link unit per page.
If there are more than this, then either Google has sanctioned it, or the site is breaking Googles Terms of Service
Either way, I would report it to Google, although I have done this in the past and the sites still exist.
It is a shame that these sites can benefit from AdWords customers, as well as AdSense. I guess life isn's always fair ;-)
5:35 pm on May 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Think about who really benefits the most from this situation: Google. They get revenue from every angle here. It is a 'short term' win win situation for them. I say short term because eventually, this will do nothing but cheapen google ads for everyone. At some point, real advertisers and real publishers will be in the minority and feel they are wasting their time and money. When the new PPC provider in town comes along with better ethics (yahoo and msn are you listening?) and better filtering, I think you will see a wave of people moving their ad $ and webspace over to them.
5:55 pm on May 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I see similar sites regularly, and reported some, but with no results. What I wonder is whether these sites possibly have a different content in the U.S. than in other parts of the world. Possibly what we see is not always what the people at Google actually check.