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Google Wireless Transcoder Strips AdSense



8:26 am on May 22, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Google Wireless Transcoder (GWT) serves fully cached pages (including images)
while stripping Adsense ads from your pages. Is that acceptable?

Just give it a try and replace the template URL


by your own.

Clearly those of us that use Adsense ads on their pages won't be too happy with
a Google "proxy" that strips out all ads while still serving most of our original
content (text and images). Would NOARCHIVE work to stop GWT? Any other ideas
to prevent abuse of this new entry point into your site content?


3:46 pm on May 26, 2006 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Thanks Adam, a thorough online documentation of what GWT does while transcoding would be a great help. For instance, it is technically possible that GWT would refuse to transcode pages or links that are forbidden in robots.txt (checking robots.txt while transcoding), but I could not find how it handles robots.txt if at all. GWT effectively behaves as an (adsense) adblocker too, and these things could be a little more clearly specified, because even it it does not pass on Javascript source it could conceivably, on the fly, turn the adsense ads into clickable images or something. After all, Google has different rights and obligations in relation to their own adsense TOS and can make changes that ordinary mortal webmasters are not allowed to do. However, the web content owners have to be able to make their own decisions too about whether transcoding of their content is considered acceptable practice or not, because there is a rather thin line with what could be called unauthorized redistribution of modified, and now ad-free, content. Knowing exactly which transformations GWT performs would make judging this somewhat easier. I drew several wrong conclusions due to an unspecified interaction between the various transcoding operators, only to find out later that a certain missing page element (e.g., spider trap) was not due to for instance a caching mechanism but due to some kind of filtering.
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