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Setting and reaching income goals

Baby steps for me

3:42 am on Mar 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I made a rough plan at the beginning of the month to tweak my ad placements, add new content and work on getting more incoming links search position etc. The goal of that plan was to generate enough adsense income to pay the hosting costs for the month, pay my internet access for the month and to pay for a low cost advert in the local paper. I wan't to reach this before March was over. Well today I have reached it. (Who know's before the month is over I may be able to get some pizza and beer). To me whatever extra income happens during the rest of the month will be a bonus for me!

I have been doing things that people here were kind enough to suggest in the many good posts here.

I am really plaesed with how much of an improvement can be made by minor things like changing add placement, blending some, highlighting content etc.

My site is in a small niche and the CPC isn't very high, but I have some ideas on adding a different subject later.

I find that setting small goals and working to reach them is the best route for me.

I have an homemade site with Front Page because I haven't yet learned enough to hand code etc.

My next goal is to reach the above again and earn enough extra to start a fund where I can get someone to code my pages better and make it easier for me to add content etc. without having firefox tell me everyday the number code errors i have. LOL that bugs me!

I want to try and reach $200 per day in 4 months. I firmly believe that I can get enough traffic. I just keep tweaking what I can and keep giving the content that my visitors want. I also had a real surprise a few days ago the site reached a #1 position in goggle on a couple of search terms inportant to me.

Thanks To all for the helpfull advice! You have indeed helped me. I don't post much but I read here often.

3:59 am on Mar 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Congrat on reaching your goals, this is really inspiring.

Concerning adding contents, have you ever think about using CMS softwares?

I wish you the best in your endeavors.

7:01 am on Mar 23, 2006 (gmt 0)

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$200 per day in 4 months? That's exactly my goal too!

I had not paid much attention to my website since I started it about 6 months ago. Sometime last month I added adsense just as a whim and then started get fascinated by it (that explains how I reached WW!). During the start of the month, I decided to fully revamp my site, add new features and work to get more traffic on it. I set a small target of the site paying for itself (hosting, bandwidth etc). The site has already earned twice of the hosting costs till now.

Sometime last week, I decided this can become real big for me and I started working on creating a proper plan and setting targets. The target is to reach the goal of $200 per day in the next 4 months. Right now I have a long way to go. But I am sure I will get there through proper planning, hardwork, some common sense & some smart sense and this forum on WW.


11:59 pm on Mar 24, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I am going to do my best to make the $200 per day in 4 months from now..

I do have an "in between" goal of making $100 per day in 2 months... and that may be harder to do than the my 4 month goal... I don't know..?

I will do my best to go for it...I make a pretty good living from the main part of my business, so extra income is really that, a bonus and a goal worth going for... without adsense I would have had to pay the costs of servers and access anyway... So it is a sweat bonus for me...

I do think that the baby steps are important... in my case goal #1 was making $35 per day to cover the costs... and reaching that goal #1 with adnsene revenue was pure sunshine... it made me feel that setting another adsense goal or two may not be out of the question...

"In all that is real" I have to say that "my" adsense income did not drop out of the sky, I worked on the content and on getting traffic from other sites.. I made $0.23 my first month in August 2005... I had one 125 pix button ad on one page then ( a page off of my main website)... because I didn't really think that this adsense thing would work for me...

After awhile I did place ads on other pages to see what would happen... It worked better after I started to pay attention to the personal experiences of other people here that were kind enough to share tips...

I still have as my adsense goal, to make enough from it to pay someone to code my site better... I don't do that well...

I write content in my niche and I write it better than most... Knowing what I talk about and being able to deliver on it has served me very well offline and online over the years.. it may also continue to give me residual income from google adverts from now on... (fingers crossed)...

You have to work to make this opportunity work ... I learnt that here at webmasterforums..

Knocking off a site with the sole intention of making cash from any advertising opportunity doesn't work...
I don't think that advertisers like blind ads.. I don't think that publishers should like blind ads...

In the long run if you have valuable and/or worthwhile content on your website you will have repeat visitors that enjoy your content and want more... That will be the deciding factor in the click from here or stay here and look around... factor that surfers feel everyday...

2:40 am on Mar 25, 2006 (gmt 0)

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$200 per day is certainly a very attainable goal if you work hard and smart while avoiding the temptation to take shortcuts that could put your AdSense account in jeopardy. Work hard, but most importantly work wisely.