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input on script design

8:59 pm on Jun 3, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I need some expert advise on design/layout for a script I need to make. I am building a website for a realtor. I want to make a script that will allow agents to add listing and update information. I am thinking 6 listings per page. I need to use the same header and footer, so the html code and have that include part in it and that will also have the css layout in it. I need to do a photo upload, as well as three text fields one for title and price one for short description one for long description.
This information will need to be stored in a database to be called upon when the page is called. Should I give the listings generated names like l1 r1 l2 r2 for the pages so i can have one left one right one left one right. This page would have the photo, title, and short description. Then the thumbnail would be set as a link to another page that have a larger image, title, and long description.
Am i on the right track with this line of thought.
Lets hope i can figure this one out unless someonem knows where i can find a script mthat i can modify to my site like this
4:30 am on June 6, 2005 (gmt 0)

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This information will need to be stored in a database to be called upon when the page is called. Should I give the listings generated names like l1 r1 l2 r2 for the pages so i can have one left one right one left one right.

I'm not quite sure I understand what you are wanting to do, but I will offer my take on things:

Database structure should not be influenced in any way by the way you intend to physically display items of the same type on a page.

This isn't to say you shouldn't have a field for the agent name, which you could then use to organize by agent. It just means that, all things otherwise the same, you shouldn't go adding "lx" to an entry in your database just so it can be displayed in the top left of your screen. Unless there's a very good reason why it should be there -- e.x. the agent paid you a premium fee to get listed at the top.

The way I imagine your layout as you explained it would be a table with 2 columns and 3 rows, with one listing in each.

What happens if three 'l' houses are sold? There would then only be three 'r' houses on the page.

Why not just give them unique ID #'s, put a timestamp on there (I prefer datetime), and then "SELECT * FROM listings ORDER BY date DESC".

Then have your page call the newest listing in the top left cell, the second newest listing in the top right, the third newest in the middle left, etc.


The first thing I like to do when starting a project is to sit down and write down all the different tables I'll need. I specify the names, types, and lengths. This really helps you visualize the project, as it gives you a detailed overview of your database.

Then I like to sit down and organize the flow of information: Where is data input, where is it cleaned (I'm kind of big on sanitizing data -- be sure you look into mysql_real_escape_string() if you're using mysql), and where is it processed?

The last thing I do is create the layout/design. Maybe it's just because I'm terrible at design, I'm too cheap to buy photoshop, or that I was using dial-up for so many years that I really despise pictures of any kind. I just don't take it into much consideration until the end of the project, and even then I don't care all that much about it.


My personal feelings on the display format of your project:

I think you should ditch the 2 column format and just have one house per row. I'd also kick it up a notch to 10 houses per page, unless there aren't going to be many houses listed -- in which case, fewer per page would make the site look bigger. (Maybe you could have the # of houses per page as a function of the total # in your database? And then cap it at 10 or 20?)

At the end of the day, I try to make things ridiculously simple. The only problem with this is that a lot of people think simple = cheap = low budget web site. I just find that I get very upset and confused when there is too much going on in a single page.

12:12 pm on June 6, 2005 (gmt 0)

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You might want to have a look at open realty
4:20 pm on June 6, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I use open realty for a couple of real estate sites and have modified it to work for an auto sales site... Script is very nice and fairly easy to modify.