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Thou Shalt Not - v.2002

what not to do as a new webmaster

7:19 pm on Jun 18, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Once upon a time, we had a thread called Thou Shalt Not [webmasterworld.com], highlighting techniques and approaches that an SEO should not do. It is a bit outdated, although still some very good stuff there.

Anyway, here is an updated list of what not to do, get suckered by, or be tempted to do as a new webmaster:

Thou Shalt Not:

1) Worry excessively about submitting your site. Submit home page once to the major engines and then forget about it

2) Try to build a site that targets every topic on the planet. Focus, focus, focus! Build additional sites if necessary.

3) Spend money on technology, gizmos, wizbangs, and services that you don't understand how they will help you or what kind of return you will get on your money

4) Pay Looksmart anything

5) Design slow loading websites (unless your target audience is almost exclusively broadband)

6) Design ego centric sites that flout company gibberish that the site user cares nothing about

7) Submit your site to Free for All link farms or any other kind of immediate inbound link gratification service that will only get you bound.

8) Use hidden or ultra small text on your site for ranking purposes that will only get you banned.

9) Have no useful content on your site and expect visitors to buy your products and/or follow your affiliate links

10) Buy expensive WYSIWYG software only later to find out you hate it and switch to a freeware text editor that you now use to design by hand with

11) Believe the SEO tricks and tips you receive in random emails promising you outrageous success without much work. When in doubt, ask here first.

12) Register your domains through Network Solutions without shopping around

13) Pay outrageous hosting fees without shopping around.

14) Hire an SEO company without really knowing what you are getting for your $

15) Believe you will rank well by mentioning a phrase one time in the meta keyword tag or other obscure location on a site. If it were true, WebmasterWorld members would be ruling the world by now.

16) Buy SEO "secrets" books with techniques that worked three years ago. If in doubt, ask here.

17) Spam the ODP (dmoz.org) because your site hasn't been listed and it has been two months

18) Pay Yahoo's outrageous fees unless you are extremely confident of the return on your investment.

19) Make mirror sites and hope to sneak them by the search engines

20) Expect to rank well with a flash site unless you know proven work arounds for the search engines

21) Use frames on the site unless absolutely necessary

22) Only link to sites that you own.

23) Excessively repeat words on a single page with the hopes of ranking better. That worked three years ago.

24) Use 1X1 image links to try to increase link popularity. That worked three years ago.

25) Use doorway domains and redirect pages to funnel traffic to your site (unless you are slick, but if you were slick, you probably wouldn't be reading in this forum)

Any other "what not to do" tips that will help beginners welcome here.

1:27 pm on Sept 16, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Nice list, is it going into the library? :)
4:07 am on Sept 18, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Wow, I break almost all of them...

Another one, Thous SHalt Not start half-cocked without planning..

Mine started off small, now it's larger (but still small) and it's a total mess.. Really got to sit down one day and redesign the whole mess...

Going to register my domain and then ............

7:47 pm on Sept 25, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Include any email address on publically available web pages.

What should be done?

7:54 pm on Sept 25, 2002 (gmt 0)

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