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Online database...HELP! (TOTAL NEWBIE!)

Need help developing a web site and online database



3:06 pm on Mar 3, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I am a total NOVICE and need some help/advice on literature and classes on how to create an ONLINE DATABASE.

I now have the responsibilty of creating a database using MS Access and then creating a website, then uploading this database online and then creating a search engine to use on the site to find info on the database by need, borough and type. I have NO IDEA where to start. Can you recommend literature, classes or some type of blueprint on creating an online database. This is a new job responibility and I want to give it my best shot. The database is coming along well (it contains 1000 companies and organizations, with addresses, phone numbers, contacts and services, but its the web development aspect (how to register a domain name, hosting, management, updating, FTP, SQL, etc.) that's killing me. I am 25 and I want to use this as a learning experience and hopefully go to school to receive further training. Thanks for ANY help provided.

3:18 pm on Mar 3, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Hi thesaint and Welcome to Webmasterworld! :)

Quite a handful you have yourself there!

Do a search for hosting companies in your country. There you will be able to register a domain name and get some hosting.

When you do this they will most likely tell you (or have website support) on how to upload your files.

That's all fairly simple and wont take you long to pick up.

You didnt mention how your HTML and web design skills are - they will play an important role.

I believe Dreamweaver is a good tool to use to both design your website and integrate the dynamic content into it.

Although there will be a fair bit of learning to do if you are not familiar with HTML editors such as dreamweaver, there are plenty of tutorials available online to help you out.

I would recommend knocking together a small database and small website to test and play around with until you are comfortable enough to go onto the main site.

Also, this is the best to be to keep up to date with new developments and ask questions like this! :)

You're off to a good start!

Good luck.


3:24 pm on Mar 3, 2003 (gmt 0)

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What kind of a timeline are you looking at for the project?

Not sure of your requirements, but I'd suggest looking into PHP, MySQL or ASP. Perhaps you can quickly install a package like Foxserv (PHP, Apache, MySQL) on your machine. The installation takes about 10 minutes and you can jump right into coding. To get an idea about building database tables you could go here for starters:


Foxserv is here: [foxserv.net...]




- If you need to convert the database,


Good luck!


3:35 pm on Mar 3, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Thank you so much...I wasn't expecting such positive and HELPFUL responses...I started looking at hosting sites in the US and found some good packages...I guess my next step is how should I start on developing an online database with what I already have. My programming skills are nil but I'm a quick study. Is there any books, programming, websites, etc. that you think would help?

Like I said the database they are currently using is access and they want to upload it and make it accessible to vistors to search. I will look into Foxserv and research all the recommendations you have made before I ask any further questions.

Thanks again

3:38 pm on Mar 3, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Here is a thread that may give you a crash course in basic skills.



For asp and access databases you can look at these sites:

As for domain names you can go to any domain register and get one. People here recommend godaddy.com.

Find a host that has what you need as far as technical specs. You will find this out when you choose a technology. Make sure the price is good and look for 99% uptime guarentees. You will find out FTP, management, and updating info from the host you choose. I would also recommend getting a good book once you decide what you want to use eg. ASP, PHP, whatever.

3:40 pm on Mar 3, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Welcome, thesaint!

Here is a tutorial on building a database driven website [zend.com]. It uses a combination of MySQL [mysql.com] and PHP [php.net] . I'm pretty sure Access databases are compatible with MySQL, so you would not have to alter your existing db.

Those links should give you some good reading.

3:44 pm on Mar 3, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Is there any books, programming, websites, etc. that you think would help?

For PHP books, try here [php.net]

For ASP books, try here [asp-help.com]

For MySQL books, try here [mysql.com]

Cheers and welcome to WebmasterWorld.

- Chad

3:50 pm on Mar 3, 2003 (gmt 0)

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I learned asp and working with Access online the same way you are.

Check out [aspin.com...]

They have all kinds of information on what you are trying to do.


4:07 pm on Mar 3, 2003 (gmt 0)

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But I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every person that replied to this post. After 9/11 the job market in NY has been really tough and as a young recently married person, I want to make the most out of this opportunity. If you have any further advice and suggestions please feel free! (I need it) I am already visiting each site you have recommended and ordered one book at buy.com. I hope my further questions will be received as well.

Thanks again to all members.