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Has G lost it's ability to differentiate sky scrapper sites & homeboys

1:38 am on Dec 16, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Has G lost it's ability to differentiate sky scrapper sites & homeboys sites?

I have recently seen a huge amount of sites being built and from all over the world edging in on all corners of a market .
Maybe this is the reason for all the mix up in Jagger...
I've been sitting back... being mellow on the scene (imagine that). A person can waste a lot of time trying to analyze this "penalty" and that "penalty."

But it really appears that G has lost it's ability to keep all the marbles in the same basket. Not being able to decipher between authoritative websites and posers. Even worse is seen as "insider" manipulation by people directly associated with Google and prominent website forums that have a direct association with Google employees.

Have some individual editors been pushing some buttons as to what is authoritative and not at G.. influence by personas?
Our analysis says "yes." Legally G always says "your competitor can't do anything to hurt you."

<Although I have no evidence, I assume that G has pockets of corruption and manipulation>.

Dissemination of information is a science, tapping into the dissemination of information flow is what some people do for a living... selling and using that information is the key to any successful campaign. Attending conferences, knowing certain "captains," and dancing with the prom queen sister gets you to the after hours party.

Drugs don't proliferate in any town without the knowledge of the police. It's just a give and take... with some winners just as bad as the "losers."

In a popular search term for a market I analyze, a yahoo entry is in the top ten with dead links and spammy sites for a popular second keyword. The second keyword being the income generating avenue for the sky scrapper sites.
If you see a website, and you see sites from China and <snip> USA coming into the market it's like levy breaks in New Orleans all over again.

We all see what <big box stores have> done to America businesses making them try and compete in markets that don't have the same playing field as domestic markets... is G the new <big box store> of the search engines? Does G- look at the dissemination of information as un-stoppable and the selling shelf space akin to those in the manner of keyword placement biding for those out of the information loop. Those ads (adwords) the bread and butter of G's income.

We have long seen pay for inclusion, manipulation and pay for inclusion schemes. They have been beaten down (cloaking, <snip> corruption, link farms) by the what we used to know as Googles "do no harm" attitude. But as G- goes global, the American way of honesty and integrity goes out the window. The global market is pay to play and it's not only who you know, but <whose palm you grease>. That is the global market. And now the internet source of information...
Google, selling shelf space in the form of adwords just as <big box stores> has run out the home town producers of quality products.

What say you?

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