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2 Build Links or Not 2 Build Links

That is the question...

1:26 pm on Nov 23, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Ok so can someone explain to me if we have collectively decided to keep building reciprocal links and if so are there any new guidelines that we should follow? After deleting most of my reciprocal links and changing my page titles and descriptions I have finally shown back up on page 3.

Not page 1 where I was for two years but page 3 is a start I guess. I think about half of my recips were out of market links so most likely I was penalized for that. Atleast I'm guessing, who really knows? Not me!

Anyways back to the topic. I know I should continue adding links (the right way this time) but want to make sure we are all in agreement.

All comments welcomed.

3:09 pm on Nov 28, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I would always pursue links. This is what drives traffic on the web.

I would just avoid "tricks" in getting the links. I've seen a couple of great link-building ideas here and there..

Create a "community" section where the visitor can add something that they might end up linking to.

A suggestion might be "Travel photos" or "Silly Pet Photos". These might not be great for your site, but the idea here is to have them put something out there that they might like to link to.

Others have suggested free hosting with a link.

Another common suggestion is offering some handy tool on your site that folks might link to.

SE friendly Forums get links.

Of course RSS is still good right now.

Content distribution is still helpful. You can buy unique copy for around .05 per word and distribute cheaply - usually gets you at least on or two links - sometimes it gets you a lot of links :)

Press Release. PRWeb has a really easy service for this.

My SINGLE suggestion would be to go easy on the anchor text optimization. Let the surrounding text do the heavy lifting for you.

Good luck!