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Google looking for 'variations' of my URLs

7:33 pm on Sep 12, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Hi all,

I have seend for some time now looking for www.example.com/widgetswww.example.com/widgets%09%09%09%09.html in my website.

I have www.example.com/widgets.html in my site but of course no '%09%09%09%09' at all, it is always looking for same 4 %09s at the end of the URL and I have check my whole site and there is no links at all like that nor I can't find anyone linking to me like that. Is it some kind of teting? may be they are using this to try to catch cloaking? or find out if a site is database based?

I could find a couple of the same examples for Y! spider also, in that case it is asking for www.example.com/widgetswww.example.com/widgets%20.html

Anyone which may know why is this happening and any special consideration that need to be taken?


12:44 am on Sept 14, 2005 (gmt 0)

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If you're not aware, %09 represents a tab character and %20 a space character. Most likely a link on your site managed to have 4 tabs between "widget" and ".html". Likewise, a link may also happen to have a space character between "widget" and ".html". Comb through your code for any place where the link may have gotten separated by a link break or tabs that would result in these characters.

Most likely cause: the word wrapping on a page in your editor has made it seem like there's nothing between "widget" and ".html" when infact tabs and spaces have snuck their way into the link.