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PHP and sub-domain indexing issues?



2:48 am on May 24, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I put up a site a little over a month ago. The site had no static html pages - only a php-based forum (index.php rather than index.html). Over the course of about a month, I was able to populate the forum, get many reciprocal links and it became somewhat popular. Then, one day I decided to do a search on Google, Yahoo and MSN to see how my site ranked and I was dissapointed to discover that I could not be found unless I typed in the name of the site itself (but who's going to search under that?).

Anyway, So I created 2-3 folders under my domain and added a few hundered pages of legitimate, non-spammish content in each folder. The pages in these folders use time-tested and proven methods I have used for years to get very high up in Google under commonly-used keyphrases so I had no dioubt it would work and I would begin to see an increase in my traffic very soon. There are a few keywords, a nice description, good title and plenty of content on each page. All of these elements contained at least one word found within the main body of the page. In other words, SE eye candy.

Then, I created an index.html page for each folder and added a link to each page (within the folder) to the index.html pages. Then, I linked each index.html page to the forum itself (in other words, the index.php page contained links to the index.html page located within each folder.

So...I spend a week watching Google, MSN and a whole slew of other SE's indexing my forum and I am just salivating KNOWING that I'm going to get a good rank when it's all said and done. So today, I went looking and was horrified to discover that I was on page 1002 (or somthing) I mean, all of the pages were there but I could only find them if I typed in something like...

"The Big Goof-Up Site - How not to get indexed by Search Engines"

Now obviously, noone is going to think to type that garbage in. So I ran my site through a bunch of SE simulators and they only indexed my forum and NONE of my index pages or the 100's of static pages within the individual folders. I did'nt have an index page in my main folder (only the index.php file from my forum so perhaps this was the problem). I take it that Google does'nt like php files as well as it does good old HTML pages?. Do they even like subdomains (ie; mydomain/myfolder)?.

Now I've just created an index.html page and dropped it into my main folder and I have it linked to all of my forum categories - including each index.html page within the individual folders. I also ran my site through a SE simulator again and this time, it finds everything with no problem but now I have to wait another few days to a week for the SE's to make their rounds again...ahhh!.

Anyway, I guess my questions are...

* Do SE's not like php files? (heck, I can't even get rid of the session ID's!)
* Do SE'd give a much lower priority to sub-domains - even if the are under your main domain?
* Should I delete all of the folder and just put EVERYTHING in the main folder of my domain?
* Will each index page (containing 100 links or so) in each folder under my domain cause Google to penalize me?...(I mean, how else do I list all of the pages within these folders if I don't provide links to them?).

Thank's again for any help...VERY much!