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.co.uk to com, struggling to understand 'duplicate content'

same content, 2 domain names, seo woes

4:43 pm on May 9, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Hi There!

Big apologies if this has been asked 100 times before but I've read and read and keep getting all sorts of conflicting answers. So I'll just take it from the top.

Around Oct last year I started a site, mainly forum based with a bit of content round it. I'm from the UK so bought the co.uk domain for it.

Things picked up pretty quickly and I purchased the .com for it also, the site is not really geographically based and we were getting more and more US members just 'stumbling across' it and joining.

The co.uk to my surprise got a page rank of 3 at the turn of the year, Google crawling every day. And a postion on no3 on Google.co.uk for my most relevant keywords.

Being a newbie to seo, I changed the whole thing over to the .com about 8 weeks ago. But then noticed Google visits disappearing and started getting worried. After a few weeks with non-existent vists from Google (Yahoo and Inktomi all over it)...I started reading up, and I see that I may have made a 'classic newbie' mistake. I had no idea about possible duplicate content or being penalized.

Both of the domain names point to the exact same place, content etc I have no seperate directories or anything for them.

So now I'm a bit confused. I've read up on redirects etc but they all seem to be about MOVING files and pointing spiders to different files. My co.uk and .com files are one and the same. So how do I point a spider anywhere, I only have one index page, about us page etc?

I've tried putting in the .htaccess redirect file but when I clck on .co.uk it just sits for ages clicking away and going nowhere.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I changed my title 2 days ago and Google.co.uk have already cached it, whereas the .com is still sitting as it was. And the forum is only being briefly visited every few days.

So to recap, 2 domain names, 1 directory. How do I re-direct if the index page I want to re-direct to is the SAME? Am I making sense lol
I only need to redirect about 10 pages not the whole site.

Or am I worrying about nothing here and Google with eventually catch on and won't penalise me because there is only 1 directory?

I'm lost, please help!

4:37 pm on May 21, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Sorry nobody responded to you before. Determine which domain you want to keep as the main one.

You should do a 301 permanent redirect from all pages on the unwanted domain to the relevant pages on the domain to keep. That should make the search engines see this new domain and realize that the old domain is permanently changed.

Also, if you have inbound links to the wrong domain, try to get them changed to the correct domain.