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Installing mySQL to run a message board, remote host

I am fully, completely, totally, 100% lost. Heeeelp!!!



8:01 am on Jan 8, 2002 (gmt 0)

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If you've read my previous questions, you already know that I'm a newbie to all this. Please bear with me...

I'm running a password protected site for a very small group of friends scattered all over the world. Therefore, the message board is the heart and soul of the site.

I'm trying to change to a board named Ikonboard 3.0.1. which use mySQL as database. So, I have asked my remote host (UNIX) to install it. They say they have done that, and that everything is OK. But when using the message boards installer script (very nifty!), it can't find the mySQL.

After terrorizing the technical staff at the host, they finally mailed me an instruction to make the mySQL kick in. But an instruction like that is about 10 miles above my head. I simply don't know what they're talking about, and I feel like the biggest dork on earth...

Here's the instruction (edited by me...)

"I've reviewed the problem you've submitted and have tested the setup at this
end. Your database is functioning correctly and is accepting connections as
per requirements. I'm not sure what the GUI is that you are using to make the
connections / administer the dbase there are a number of options that are
available. Personally I favour a linux machine with the command line mysql
client to administer databases. On a Windows machine MySQL Admin is ok.

You need to connect with the following details:

Server = xxxx.xxxx.xxxxx
Database = xxxx:xxxx:com
Port (shouldn't be required as it's the default) = 3306
Username = xxxxxxxx
Pass = xxxxxxxx

To for example connect from a command line the string will be:

mysql xxxxxxxxx_xxx_com -h xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xxx.xxx -u xxxxxxxxx -p

As you've selected a password authenticated connection (by the "-p" option)
you'll then be prompted for your password.

After supplying this you'll get a "mysql>" prompt from which you can
administer the dbase. Basically a tool like MySQL Admin or Zeos does a fairly
similar thing except you fill the detail into fields presented in the GUI."

end quote...

Can someone PLEEEASE tell me what to do with this?????? I'll mail a jumbo sized pizza and a 6-pac of beer to anyone that can help me out....


8:17 am on Jan 8, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Guess the pizza will be cold and the beer hot by the time it gets to Thailand Dan! Still lets see if I can earn it anyway...

The string they refer to is to be used in telnet. It's not clear whether you know that. So you will need to use a telnet program to set it up using that string.

It could probably be done easier using MyPHPadmin, but each set up is different. Try the Ikonboard discussion board at their own site - They are seasoned installers there who will probably install it for you free of charge.

I have installed Ikonboard successfully on 2 hosts but have gone for using the DBM option rather than the SQL option. Ikonboard does require a couple more requirements rather than SQL alone for a SQL database to run sucessfully.

If that does not work, I can be of any help given that experience (Not a pro, just trial and error) - stickymail me and happy to try to work it out by email or better still Yahoo IM or other chat application while you try.


9:51 am on Jan 8, 2002 (gmt 0)

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Sticky mail for you sent