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Opinions on Travel Affiliates?

Which would be good for a few small sites

11:39 pm on Sep 18, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I have a couple of small travel sites focused specifically on certain localities. Mostly pictures we took there and reviews. Adsense is doing OK on them. I'm not getting a whole lot of traffic yet. Perhaps a couple hundred visitors per day per site. I did search this forum and others but the info seemed a bit dated.

I want to add a travel affiliate. My experience with some of the affiliate programs (not travel) has left a lot to be desired. (not sure if I can name them here). MY suspicion is that the ad blockers hit you on one side and the parasites hit the other leaving nothing for the publisher.

I was looking at a couple of the major travel affiliates. I'm not sure I like the exclusivity requirement of Travelnow. Other than that, they seem about the same. My thought is that it is more important to find a travel affiliate program that will make it through the parasites rather than worry about the differences in payout.

My thought was to sign up for travelnow, hotels.com and lodging.com. I don't plan to do anything fancy other than add links as provided (limited xml, no feeds etc) My questions are

1. Can anyone share their experience as to which of these is the most parasite resistant?

2. I would like to put direct links on the pages where I list hotels to the individual affiliate page for each hotel. It's not clear from the info which programs will allow that.

3. Do any of the programs prevent you from running adsense? I couldn't quite figure out the TOS for Travelnow.

Thanks, I really appreciate any info.


PS. I'm considering signing up for the three program I mentioned and trying one on each site. That will take a couple of months to figure out which will work.

5:30 pm on Sept 19, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I use both lodging.com and hotels.com and have had some revenue from both. I prefer lodging.com and always look for a hotel link from them and use hotels.com as my secondary. I did have trouble with hotels where one hotel kept marking the reservations as cancelled and when I asked the customers about it they said they did stay the nights. I asked them to look into it and never heard back so I put lodging links instead and even at that same hotel no problems. Both places pay on time when there is money in your account. Good luck.