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First affiliate try - Is this normal?

Poor CTR and no Conversion

8:58 am on Sep 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I have been trying 16 affiliate programs in 10 different sites. Out of these affiliate programs 70% are PPL and the rest PPS, all related to the sites and consistently distributed. Some are difficult conversion programs (like loans) and others, of easy conversion (resumes, cheap gifts, car rental)
After one month these are the results in commission junction:

-35.000 impressions in a month
-350 clicks
-0 leads, 0 sales, 0 money

Maybe I am a little bit naive, as this is the first time I try something different from adsense, but what I find strange is that:

If out of 35.000 people, 350 click on one advert, it is cause they are interested in what this ad shows. I find it strange that out of these 350 none fills a form, or asks for more information.

Are affiliates so non profitable that out of 35000 viewers our profits are 0… maybe I am doing something wrong … are these rates normal?

I will be grateful is someone can give me some advice … I am really disappointed and at loss after checking the results.


3:17 pm on Sept 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Conversion rate is what AM is about, so you might want to work on your sites more or may be change merchants; You have to presell the offer, but nor oversell it, create a value, write your personal review or collect other testimonials to make it more personal and make a visitor want it more; add advantages/disadvantages etc.

This way you'll increase your clickrate and conversion rate should improve, too. On the other hand, if merchant doesn't perform and average EPC is low for everybody, you should really consider cnahging it to another.

Try to find topics on your merchants, may be it's not your fault they don't convert.

4:27 pm on Sept 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Thanks for your reply ;-)

I understand that “fine tunning” is one of the possible paths to increase the conversión and click rates. In 70% of cases I use text links in text page. For doing that I write new content or adapt old one. In my case I choose related affiliate programs, like military affiliates in a militar site.

But my question is not how much effort I need to optimizate to get some dollars. I consider that the above is enough. The cuestion is how much effort do you need to get some dollars and if the profit deserves the effot. I meant, after publish this post I have seen other related (next time I try to read before post:P). The subject is: "100,000 impressions, 134 clicks, 0 commission" (http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum20/5048.htm)

In this post some users speak about their own cases, like in the post subject or even worse “4300 click throughs, 0 sales”

All this brings to my mind some ideas:

1.-Affiliate programs only works for fine tuning sites and in the case that the program really fits with your niche necessities = much effort and time PER WEB

2.-Even if you get step one, you need to have high numbers as 100.000 impressions or 4300 clicks to see some results.

I have no experience at all but deducing from the above and the post of 100.000 impressions … the general idea in mi case is this: Only If you have a lot of traffic located in just one site (if you have different sites will takes you a lot) and you can spend X months testing, learning and optimizing you will be able to get some profit. But this profit will be the one offered by the related affiliates (maybe not just the ones that you will chose in terms of profit value) that usually offer low lead commissions or only pay per sale.

If this is true … god bless adsense
I think that I am missing something because if this is true none will uses affiliates. What a puzzle? Someone have the key?

5:27 pm on Sept 15, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Affiliate marketing is a different animal than adsense. Affiliate programs involve a pre-sell, getting your visitor ready for what's behind that click.

Right now you have a 1% ctr, pretty dismal for affiliate promotion. You should shoot for double digit ctr. With that low of a ctr, it tells you that your aff promotions are not well targeted or they are not well presented to the visitor.

350 clicks from 35,000 impressions over a months time is not a lot of volume. A lot of those clicks could be from bots, and they never convert. ;-)

My of most successful aff sites were built from the ground up with the specific programs or niches in mind. If you have a general content site or need a quick way to earn cash, AdSense or YPN will be the way to go.

Aff marketing takes more work to do it right, but it pays off.

8:41 am on Sept 22, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Thanks for your help! In brief:

Adsense + fast and easy income
Adsense - It has CTR limit barriers dificult to overcome

Affiliate + converts heavy traffic into heavy income
Affiliate - requires niche search,pre sell,optimization..

For the moment I have decided to reduce the number of affiliate programs and try only with two of them. For those i will dedicate more time to try and reach 2% CTR.