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How is your site split?

Are you all cpm and cpc or do you mix it up?



1:03 pm on Sep 3, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member


This section of WW seems most appropriate for me to post in as I live Aff marketing 24/7 - I touch on cpc and cpa but not cpm.

Most companies offering cpm want to know you have a lot of traffic from the ones I have looked at and I have never really generated huge amounts of traffic maybe 80k visits a month being the max of any sites I own. I often think would I really want to swap the CPA stuff that I do or the cpc stuff for CPM if I had the chance?

Sometimes ( this is a high not an avg ) through CPA deals I can be making equivalent 3-5 cpc - is it possible to make the same amount through cpm? I am not sure it is so it would leave me with a predicament if I ever had the traffic to warrant an ad deal on cpm.

I guess there are some spaces on a site which you might place a banner or button and nothing else would really fit there or look the part but you know its going to be poor as banners and so very poor for promoting CPA deals. In this instance having a CPM deal for that particular space would be great.

Just looking for what others think generally and if most people who have the ability to get an ad deal on cpm also mix things up and use adsense ,cpa affilite deals and cpc direct deals?

It would seem to make sense to mix things up but maybe there is something I am missing - I get the feeling that there are a lot of webmasters who never use CPA or at least who very rarely do and obviously as my day job involves running an affiliate network I am keen to get to the bottom of why this might be?




11:05 am on Sep 4, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Hi Mal

Good to see you on WebmasterWorld, I've seen you posting a lot over at a4u.

It's a couple of interesting questions you ask. Firstly with regards to CPM deals working, they can be very lucrative on the right site with the right campaigns. Having said that I don't think there are many decent campaigns (high CPM rates, targetted to the site) coming from the run-of-the-mill ad networks like fastclick, valueclick, advertising.com etc. All the good campaigns we've had for the last few years have come from small niche ad agencies, often liasing directly with large clients media divisions. Unless you have a large traffic volume, in a pretty small niche you're going to struggle to get these kind of campaigns. What we tend to do is keep certain ad spaces open, run the decent campaings as and when they come and then backfill with run of network cpm when we aren't running anything targetted. The difference in revenue between these 2 types of campaigns is often an order of magnitute. Unfortunately the 1999-2000 days of 20-30 cpm are gone :(

The only campaigns we've run in the last year approaching that kind of level are rich media overlays, which can work great if they are well thought out, extremely targetted and capped.

I think your other question is why don't more webmasters run CPA/affilate campaign in addition to CPM/CPC and I think a lot of this has to do with expectations and experience.

Take the following scenario:

A relatively inexperienced webmaster has a couple of sites running cpc/cpm banners from a network such as fastclick. They don't make a fortune but it pays a bit, they're also running adsense which is easy for them to implement. They come on WebmasterWorld and start reading about affilate marketing. 'Great' they think, they sign up, grab some code and replace their fastclick banners with an affiliate programme. Then they sit back and a couple of weeks later realise they've only had a handful of clicks and no sales. They get dejected and reject affiliate marketing as not working for them, or being too hard.

I think a large chunk of the reasons many webmasters don't run CPA is because they think it'll work just by slinging a couple of banners up - which from your job, I'm sure you know isn't the way to go.

I've waffled on a bit I think, but fundamentally I think many new webmasters don't see affiliate marketing beyond putting up a few banners and waiting for the sales to start rolling in.


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6:53 pm on Sep 4, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Hi Dave

Nice reply and thanks for the welcome.

What you say makes a lot of sense and makes me think that there is definately more room for affiliate networks to be educating their affiliates and managing their expectations a little more so they don't make the leap and then retreat.

I know a few do but its normally a poor show and could be a big plus point for us if we spent more time on it and got it right.

Thanks again for the reply



8:41 pm on Sep 5, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Hello Mal from Nadeem :-)

As has rightly been said, CPA programs work best when they are integrated properly into a site and you use deeplinks etc. They can earn far more than low paying CPM networks. But the massive downer with CPA affiliate programs is they consume a lot of your time. Adsense and CPM/CPC programs are less time consuming.

Just in the last few weeks revamps of WHSmith and BlahDVD's sites has meant all our deeplinks have stopped working and so we've had to manually recode them wasting hours of our time. It is a common occurance for CPA paying merchants to revamp their sites and not tell affiliates or for them to close down their affiliate programs without notice.

Doesn't happen often with Malcolm's excellent network however ;-) (C u on the 15th.)


9:54 pm on Sep 5, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Great your going to the get together Nadeem :-) See you then.

I have often thought about starting an ad network to compliment the affiliate network ala fastclick but don't know if I ever will follow it through as theres so much else to do.

Thanks for your comments mate

Speak to you soon



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