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For those who crank 'em out..

Promotion questions

5:14 pm on Apr 22, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Okay... There's always been debate over which is better: 1,000 5-page sites, or 5 1,000-page sites. I don't want to spark this argument again, because it seems like both methods can (and do) work. My question is specifically for the people who make their money by making lots of sites that make $1-2/day and just keep cranking out additional sites rather than enhancing the ones they already have.

How do you promote your sites? I mean, there's the old AM saying of, "If you can make $1/day from one site, you can make $1,000/day", which goes by the theory that if you can make a website that makes a little bit of money, you can replicate the process to have many websites making a little bit of money, which then adds up. However, I find that even if I'm able to whip out a site in 2-4 hours, whether a small content-based site or a large datafeed site, it takes me much longer to promote it, involving the tedious process of exchanging links.

So for the pros out there, how do you promote your small sites so fast?

6:50 pm on May 1, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Awesome post, this is exactly what my biz partner and I have been debating over the last six months. It looks like we are both right. Thank you all very much I look forward to adding some thoughts once I digest all the info.
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