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The quest to $300/day

from $20/day to $100/day - the story continues



8:21 am on Feb 21, 2005 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

Every time I tell friends and aquaintances what I do - I get glazed eyes and the conversation quickly changes topics - I guess I'm really not that good of a storyteller:) so I turn to you folks here on WebmasterWorld - I know you and I talk the same language, and we understand each other :)

Disclaimer: I am not a expert affiliate marketer - some folks here can earn what took me months to learn in a few days only. But I found out what works for me and until my knowledge increases and develops, I'll stick to it - it just takes a bit longer, and the money's still good ;)

A quick recap of my background so far just to reintroduce the thread:

Recently off school, and working full time as a web designer for a year - when an early mid life crisis struck me - is this what life is about? a 9-7 job, go home, go work, repeat ad nauseum? I've found out that most people coming out from school faces those questions about life - I was no different than them.

Except - I had an idea for a website - a textbook swap and price comparison - this was an idea from way back while I was in school - but one that I didn't have the time or the full technical knowhow to implement. Now that I was done with school and facing the prospect of running in the rat race for eternity, it became more of a drive to get something going - I started building it and that's when I ran into Amazon affiliate program and datafeeds.

Within weeks I had a semi functional site running - and started doing some link exchanging. While searching for some help on the topic, I ran into webmasterworld! At first I was interested only in the link development forum, then somehow I migrated here to affiliate sales - while here, I started realizing that there were many people making money selling all sorts of things. I was only interested in how I could do Amazon better, primarily because I knew how to do their datafeeds, but also because textbooks was all I knew about. Mortgage? Credit cards? Hotel reservations? Gambling? I knew nothing about those industries!

Anyway to keep this (relatively) short - a year ago I discovered this forum. 6 months later I had a decent textbook site which was making me about $20/day. At that point I was already up to my ears from the corporate drone lifestyle and just about ready to quit my job - it was a gamble, but one would only need to look at the potential of affiliate marketing to know that if you play your cards right and you have some sort of idea what to do, the skies were the limit. It fit perfectly with the feelings I was going through, avoiding the rat race, doing something for myself, where I wasn't trading time for money, but instead building a sort of 'equity'. I pondered - if I am doing this part time and I can earn $20/day - then what happens if I go all out and do it full time? A fairly easy decision - I quit my job at the end of September.

Should I fail in affiliate marketing - I only have the next 45 years to work for someone else. Heh! In the meantime, the two problems I face is that I'm really bored with staying in the house for so long :) and to save money I moved in the the parents - to change a bit from this routine, I've decided to move out to europe and live somewhere over there while still doing more sites.

This new thread now will try to convey my ongoing quest to move from the $100/day I reached last month (6 months after I went full time) to $300/day - which is just short of $10k/month, a VERY nice round sum to reach, in my opinion :)... The $100/day pretty much lets me live anywhere in the world fairly comfortably (if it's not the french riviera, or beverly hills - you get my drift), but $300/day would let me actually start saving and possibly investing in real estate, and thus diversify one's revenue streams. That's the plan anyway.

...so after this extensive (re) introduction:

Last month my revenue was about $100+/day. Most of it was adsense - and so this month I was hit bad when adsense decided to go wacko and lost 40% of the revenue stream. Luckily, a site redesign increased the click throughs to make up for the shortfall, with the net effect that I'm a little bit over $100/day with adsense and affiliate sales combined. The current revenue for February has been around $135/day. Should it keep steady till the end of the month, that'll be $3750 in my pockets.

One site I put up last month - consumer products for women - I linked it to my PR5/Pr4 sites and got immediately indexed, and a few days later it was being found by surfers. This month adsense has started showing and paying(some pages still show public service ads) - from a paltry 50 cents at the beginning of this month, to $11 bucks today :) not a lot by any stretch of the imagination, but this is how all sites start anyway!... it has also generated some affiliate sales, so all together the new site has pulled in about $100 bucks.... We'll see how it grows(or not) in the following months.

I also have one site redesign to go through - this site is based on an amazon feed and has about 50,000 pages indexed - it gets some traffic, but due to the bad design it doesn't convert nearly as well as I'd like. Another site I have lined up was going to sell products from HSN.com - again, still in the works. I'm sure once I get those two sites up I can boost my daily revenue to closer to mid $100's...

Anyway - let's see how long it take me to get to $300/day. Place your bets, gentlemen! :)


5:56 am on Jul 4, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

This is one of my favorite thread and I am quite envious of what rfung is doing at this moment.

But then, I won't be able to leave my family behind for months without feeling lonely.


12:36 pm on Jul 4, 2005 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

Last month after Bourbon my traffic and revenue had tanked to approx. $30-$40 a day.

I returned today from a short 5-day break and I'm very excited to see that my traffic picked up again. Daily earnings are back above $150/day.


2:02 pm on Jul 4, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

forgive me for asking this type of question 50 pages into the thread but...when people mention their $50/day, $100/day and more earnings...

are their websites making this money through affiliate programs striclty? if so, which programs, or through which marketing method? i've read this whole thread through and through, and i cna't seem to actually figure out how these folks' websites are making money.


9:14 pm on Jul 4, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

I wonder which sites do those huge amounts of earnings and What type of traffic? how many unique visitors?
Are those traffics from SERPS?


4:06 am on Jul 5, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

It's all over the board. Some do it almost entirely from AdSense. Others almost entirely from affiliate links. Some do it almost entirely from natural search. Others do it almost entirely from PPC. Others get a significant amount of traffic from return visitors, word of mouth, and free publicity. Some make a small amount per visitor (under a penny). Others make a large amount per visitor ($0.50 and up). There's no single way to do it. Some make considerably more than $300 per day, too.


6:40 am on Jul 5, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

ok, im another newbie who after 2 days has made it through the almost 50 pages of this thread. rfung, great work, and I can see that you, along with alot of people here, love the thrill of riding the AM roller coaster and the constantly changing face of our markets keeps us on ours toes.

I have been working on my main website since 2000 but only found these forums yesterday, dreadful I know! It has seen steady growth and is earning me a reasonable amount of income. The site began whilst working at an internet startup that after 5 years sold its business to a major corporation for tens of millions of dollars. Hence my dream began :)

I have been at uni for 3 out of the past 4 years and have spent the last 1 year working at another internet company, learning and growing. All the time I have been gathering knowledge to implement on my site. I have now taken the next big leap and quit my job, registered a company with the local authorities here in Australia and am working full-time on my business.

How many people here have done the same by registering their own business? Or is all this money being paid as a wage? I know at least here in Australia that earning anything over $200 p/d means large tax payments.


6:42 am on Jul 5, 2005 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member


There are at least 2 major affiliate programs in Australia, but because our market isn't quite as big as the US, we don't have the vast options available to others. You could also learn alot by signing up to US programs which also, strangely enough, have some Australian affiliate programs you can sign up to as well.


7:46 am on Jul 5, 2005 (gmt 0)

Would you rather make a lot and have large tax payments or make very little and have small tax payments. While you have to give more away, you're still taking more home if you make more net.
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