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Help, Iím a beginner

7:12 am on Jan 23, 2005 (gmt 0)

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To be in the ďgameĒ of making a profitable amount, do you need a fully affiliated site?

I mean, how does everyone does it? Does the site has to be fully about affiliation programs?

like from top to bottom in a page links to products and services? or are the sites are normal sites with contents? Do you make money from few banners or the WHOLE site is a walking advertisiment?

I ask, because I have developed my music website which I have a few banners. Is this the way to go?

is it possible if you can show me what you mean by a AM site, thatís makes profit?

I yet to know what it is and how it meant to look like.

Advice appreciated please.

9:04 am on Jan 23, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Check Shopping.com :) that's one of the biggest aff sites around on the net.

I'd suggest changing the banners for adsense. Probably a lot more on target to your audience's interest.

To answer your question more directly, your site doesn't need to be a walking advertisement, although there are many sites out there that are just that. The question is wether you are seeing this as a hobby, or you're 'hardcore' into making this a living. If you want to be in the business of making money online, then you have to expand your views to find out what's profitable, which may not be anything you're interested in. And sure, they may end up being thinly disguised full page advertisements.

But, with enough traffic and the right affiliate products, you can make a pretty penny off your one hobby site.

3:47 pm on Jan 23, 2005 (gmt 0)

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Thanks so much for your explination rfung.

Also, how is Shopping.com a big aff site? I dont see a
banner or an adsense in sight? or did you mean that they offer affiliation so you can link to them?

Is it the fact that they are selling items for other? If so, i had this in mind to do also, but i dont know how t start the affiliation where they give me items to sell.

When i go to simajor sites for affilation, all they want is to have their banner at your site, but never give thier item where you can diplay all over the site for direct selling?

7:14 pm on Jan 23, 2005 (gmt 0)

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I don't know Shopping.com, but my guess is that, if it's like all the others (say, Yahoo's own shopping) it's basically based on affiliation programs -- re: they offer you "reviews", sends you to an online etailer, you buy from the etailer, they get a commission. Multiply this by thousands/millions and they're making some serous dough.

This, incidentally, is how my own site works. Except I offer movie reviews, then send people to etailers to buy the movie I just reviewed, and while they're at the store, I get a commission for everything else they buy.

7:48 pm on Jan 23, 2005 (gmt 0)

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You will have the most success in the affiliate game if you add value to the programs you are promoting.

This can be done by having related content on your site and recommending it or by writing an honest review for the product you are promoting.

Make sure you do not write a sales page for it, include the good and the bad, and your visitors will make their own decision to buy/signup/download whatever.

This is probably the best method to use.