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New to Advertising.

have been reading alot... need some info.



6:40 am on Mar 10, 2006 (gmt 0)

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Hi everyone. Im new to online advertising and I am looking for some help.

I recently launched a site. (can i post the url?)

The site launched March 1, 2006. On our first day, we received over 20,100 impressions. Within one week of our launch, we have received over 157,000 impressions, and received over 1375 users. This is an average of 196 registrations, and just over 22,000 impressions per day. We are growing very fast, and at a steady rate. (and all of our advertising is by word of mouth!)

(right now we have almost 200k impressions, and 1475 users)

I am interested in offering advertising on our site... We have 5 main placed to do so:
160x75 button
350x400 "box"
160x600 skyscraper
728x90 banner
full-screen intermission between login and homepage.

with our current userbase and impression count, i am completely unsure of what to charge.
furthermore, i am completely unsure where to advertise our.... advertisements. i've looked into ad-brite, but i want to know if there are better alternatives.

can anyone guide me along? also, how 'successful' do these numbers look?


6:22 pm on Mar 10, 2006 (gmt 0)

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>can i post the url?

just put it in your profile. It will become visible to other members after you have become a regular member here.

Ad-brite is pretty solid in the self-service ad-sales arena. You should get a decent idea of ad prices there. Another similar service is adengage.

There are also auction sites for links, like link adage. Your site will be worth more there once it is older/more established.

8:23 pm on Mar 10, 2006 (gmt 0)

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I'm trying a few ad broker type things. I was using Google and made a little bit of money off of them, but then they shut me down, possibly due to this whole click fraud thing they are in court for now. I tried to appeal it, but nope...they shut me down without even investigating it.

I'm using a variety of places now, Yahoo, wow...they impressed me, a few days after signing up, they called me, asking me if everything was okay, did I need any help, wow, it really made me feel good. YTD, I've made about $30 I won't see a check till I hit $100.

I'm also using AdBrite. I've made maybe a few bucks so far and that's about it. I'm also using Kontera which seems to be a lot like Intellitxt, it highlights keywords and hot links them to an ad. I've made a few bucks off of them too.

Then there's streaming media, I offer free cooking shows on my website, and I'm still looking into ads for this, any suggestions?

I have sold ad space to a few people making $30 or $40 here and there but how do I go about doing more of this. Are there bidding sites I can submit my site to? I get about 250,000 page views per month and its growing. How does one bank in on all of the traffic? I was browsing through some old postings here because I was wondering if traffic exchanges were worth it, glad I got an answer on that. Thanks.

PS my web address is in my profile :)